VIDEO: This is how Honda has made 100 million Super Cubs

We at JNC love the Honda Super Cub. Honda recently passed the incredibly impressive milestone of having sold 100 million units since the Super Cub’s debut in 1958. That’s the same sales figures as the Volkswagen Beetle, Toyota Corolla, and Ford F-series pickup, combined. To celebrate the occasion, as well as the upcoming 60th anniversary of the Super Cub next year, Honda has released two videos that are basically love letters to the iconic bike.  Continue reading


NEWS: Mazda starts Miata Roadster restoration program

On December 13 Mazda began accepting applications for its Roadster Restore program. Announced back in August, the program will revive first-generation NA Eunos Roadsters at classic centers throughout Japan, and reproduce about 150 select parts for sale.  Continue reading


NEWS: Hayashi Racing is making A-Series valve covers

Hayashi Racing is now making some lovely cast aluminum rocker covers for the Nissan A-series. Available in black or red (the blue one above is a custom job for a Hayashi Formula J race car). We expect most of these to be sold in Japan, where modifying Sunnys and Sunny Trucks — not to mention the TS Cup vintage racers —are a big deal. Continue reading


VIDEO: Dance through the decades with the Honda Accord

Hey, what better way to declare the pedigree of your products than to show decades’ worth of history? Honda’s latest spot, called “With Every Era,” takes you through Accord generations along with era appropriate song and dance. We’re always happy to see automakers be proud of their heritage, but hmm, where have we seen this concept beforeContinue reading


QotW: How will you purchase your next JNC?

We’ve been seeing a massive amount of minty JNCs lately. Many of these perfect specimens come attached with “out-the-barn, no low-ball, I-know-what-I-have” prices. On the other hand, there are still times when you can find a JNC in condition ranging from quasi-decent to “help meeeee” for a much lower price. I’m interested in your take with the current market for JNC.

For your next purchase, do you buy the complete model with a higher price tag; or go low-ball and perform your own servicing to get it back in tip-top shape?

How will you purchase your next JNC?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s your favorite color on a JNC?Continue reading


EVENTS: Classic Japan 2017

As the JNC crew in SoCal was getting their 80s and 90s car show fill at Radwood, we here in Australia were going further back in time. Classic Japan in Melbourne is probably one of the best gatherings of Nihon steel in the world, thanks to Australia’s long history with Japanese cars. We had officially sold ADM Princes, locally built Skyline R31s, and a long history of sleeper rotaries. Americans, however, may find it odd to see me geek out over a Corolla FX-16. In any case, here’s the result of our 2,000-km road trip in the JNC Project Hakosuka. Enjoy! Continue reading


EVENTS: The Best of Radwood 2

Among the, like, totally awesome cars of Radwood were a few that hit us in the face like a blast of Drakkar Noir. This isn’t a scientific polling, because who wouldn’t want to take home the Wolf’s NSX, but just a few cars that we and the Radwood judges felt best captured the spirit of the 80s and 90s.  Continue reading


MOTORSPORT: On board with the Drift King in a Group A R32 Skyline GT-R

The R32 Skyline GT-R is a legend among legends, due in no small part to its utter domination of Group A touring car racing in the early 1990s. During the four years it competed in Japan it won every single race it ran. It also finished first at both Bathurst 1000 races in 1991-92 on the way to consecutive Australian touring car championships as well, and then captured the checkered flag at the 1991 24 Hours of Spa for good measure. So what’s it like to drive one of these Godzilla race cars?  Continue reading


EVENTS: Radwood 2 – Electric Boogaloo

From the moment co-organizer Art Cervantes told us the name of the event, we knew it would be incredible. Radwood. It was a car show exclusively for 80s and 90s machines. Like Goodwood but, you know, rad.  Continue reading


Consider the Following: RT40 Toyota Corona

With the prices of the most popular models entering unattainable status for a lot of younger JNCers, we felt it necessary to highlight some painfully overlooked yet still affordable (for now) nostalgics. Welcome to another Consider the Following installment, in which we consider the RT40 Toyota Corona.  Continue reading


VIDEO: What it’s like to drive an Autozam AZ-1

Ridge Racer-feeling” are the words used to describe the Autozam AZ-1, the Mazda-Suzuki collab that was quite possibly the pinnacle of the kei car breed. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, just death and taxes, or something like that. So in exchange for the gift of reduced vehicle registration fees and the ability to park anywhere, the otherwise unforgiving Japanese government imposed severe constraints on physical size and engine displacement kei cars. Mid-engined, twin-cammed, turbo-charged, and gull-winged, the Autozam took those constraints and made the most bonkers, futuristic sports car it could.  Continue reading


QotW: What’s your favorite color on a JNC?

One of my favorite bands of all time is Living Colour. As a kid growing up in the dying ages of cassette tapes and the new age of digital platters, my first journey beyond the radio man’s reach was listening to my brother’s Living Colour CDs. Therefore, we must ask:

What’s your favorite color, baby, on a JNC?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What modern day feature does your JNC need?” Continue reading


A 600-mile road trip in the JNC Project Hakosuka

JNC is attending two car shows this weekend, one on each side of the globe. For the SoCal team it will be an easy journey. Basically, I’ll take a leisurely 30 minute drive down to Anaheim for Radwood, the 80s and 90s car show, in my Don Johnson white pants, shoes and blazer with a blue T-shirt. Team Australia has it slightly harder. Kev is taking the JNC Project Hakosuka from Sydney to Melbourne for Classic Japan, the largest gathering of vintage Nihon steel in the country.

That’s a distance of 1,000 km, or 600 miles in Yank speak, and to top it all off it’s summer in the southern hemisphere. That means nine hours with no aircon and no music but the sweet sounds of an L-series at sustained rpm. Follow our road trip, in which we convoy with the Nissan Cedric from Barrel Bros., in the videos below. Continue reading


LA Auto Show: Mazda’s “north-star” offers a beacon of hope

If the Tokyo Motor Show was bleak, LA was a Blade Runner dystopia of crushing inhumanity. The cars unveiled weren’t autonomous pods so you didn’t get the sense that Skynet was taking over, but nearly every new model was a crossover. It’s as if we have lost our automotive imagination. Among the Japanese automakers, only Mazda offered a beacon of hope, in what Mazda North America CEO Masahiro Moro called the company’s “north star.”  Continue reading


VIDEO: Behold the glory of the Nissan Pulsar N12

Australian classic car insurance company Shannons has been featured on JNC a few times for their excellent videos about Nihon steel through Aussie eyes. It’s intriguing how the same car can be viewed completely differently by enthusiasts on opposite ends of the Earth, and the N12 Pulsar is a perfect example.  Continue reading


GALLERIES: Nissan says the Stanza Wagon is as iconic as the Datsun 510

Vindication. It’s a good feeling. Earlier this year when Ryan published a Consider the Following article about the many charms of the Nissan Stanza Wagon, the comments section got rather heated. Some couldn’t believe a Pulitzer-esque publication like JNC would sing the praises of the Prairie, which — shocker — is apparently not a cool car to some eyes. Well guess what, nonbelievers. Nissan has taken our side. Continue reading


Consider the Following: Subaru XT

With the prices of the most popular models entering unattainable status for a lot of younger JNCers, we felt it necessary to highlight some painfully overlooked yet still affordable (for now) nostalgics. Welcome to another Consider the Following installment, in which we consider the Subaru XT.  Continue reading


NEWS: Nissan’s NISMO Heritage parts program launches

Nissan has begun its NISMO Heritage program, which manufactures parts for its iconic cars. The program kicks off with 74 parts for the R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R, but there could be more in the future. Continue reading


QotW: What modern day feature does your JNC need?

Last weekend I found myself behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Pajero Mini Turbo. It was fun to toss the plucky 4WD on stock 5.5-inch wide tires around corners like it was ice skating, but the thinness of the doors and lack of sound deadening made conversations hard to have over road noise and turbo howls. What would the Pajero Mini needed for it to be a perfect little 4-wheeler — a body with higher torsional rigidity, or high-tech terrain system with crawl control, or would updated safety systems in case of a T-bone collision.

What modern day feature does your JNC need?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s the best stock JNC steering wheel?Continue reading


NEWS: Mitsubishi unveils a hideous tribute to its first car

Mitsubishi began work on its first car, simply named the Model A, in 1917. That was 100 years ago, and so to celebrate this momentous occasion Mitsubishi Motors North America commissioned a recreation of it. Sadly, the Re-Model A, as it is called, it just plain ridiculous.  Continue reading