EVENTS: 2017 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 05 — 80s & 90s

This year the JCCS Street Neo Classics show was put on hiatus because its venue, an area of the Toyota USA campus, is no longer available. If you’ve been following the news the company’s move to Texas is underway, so soon the long-standing Torrance headquarters will be a ghost office park. As such, JCCS organizers allowed a one time more 80s and 90s cars than would typically qualify — so enjoy this rare occasion!  Continue reading


VIDEO: B110 Nissan Sunny vs KP61 Toyota Starlet touge battle

“Why no moar horsepower?” is probably the most oft repeated and annoying gripe  leveled at Japanese cars. If you’d like to see a video that answers why, here it is. Japan’s roads are mountainous, tight and a ton of fun in small, lightweight cars. Watch Drift King Keiichi Tsuchiya and Takyua Kurosawa drive a KP61 Toyota Starlet and a B110 Nissan Sunny — cars that had less than 100 horsepower when new but weighed about 1,600 pounds — drive them on the roads they were meant to be driven on.  Continue reading


QotW: How far will you go for your next JNC?

A recent trip took me to Dubai and back to Tokyo. A few take aways: Toyota is killing it in the taxi and fleet market, and there are plenty of JNCs out there. With internet auction sites, private listing sites and forums; are you willing to go beyond your local area for your next JNC? Where do you draw the line?

How far will you go for your next JNC?

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EVENTS: 2017 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 04 — Shakotan Sleds

We’ve shown you the JDM rarities, competition machines and museum pieces of JCCS, but we know what you really came here for — Nihon sleds slammed on some vintage barrels. It’s the quintessential Japanese modified car look, and there was plenty of it on hand at the Queen Mary.  Continue reading


NEWS: Toyota will introduce a new Century for only the third time in 50 years

Toyota has released images of the third generation Toyota Century ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show. This is notable, because in the Toyota flagship sedan’s entire 50 year history, there has been only one complete redesign, until now. While minor updates have been made over the decades, the 2018 Century will be only the third completely new generation in, well, half a century.  Continue reading


NEWS: More images of Mitsubishi Evo concept revealed

Mitsubishi has revealed two new images of its next Evolution model. Called the e-Evolution, it is said to combine the automaker’s greatest strengths — all wheel drive, electrification, and off-roading prowess.  Continue reading


EVENTS: Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 03 — Stock as a Rock

Before we get started on this installment of the 2017 JCCS coverage, let us just say that it has become impossible to capture every click-worthy car on camera. That’s a good thing, a testament to the ever-increasing quality of cars that show up to North America’s premiere J-tin event, and a statement on how Japanese cars are both appreciating and becoming more appreciated as each year rolls by.   Continue reading


JCCS Spotlight: Joseph DeMeo’s 1988 Toyota Celica All-Trac

One of the most mind-blowing cars at this year’s Japanese Classic Car Show was Joseph DeMeo’s 1988 Toyota Celica All-Trac. With just 15,200 miles on the odometer, the rally-inspired AWD coupe was basically showroom and the finest example we had ever seen, but Joseph still wasn’t satisfied with it just yet.  Continue reading


Consider The Following: V20 Toyota Camry

The V20 Toyota Camry is the ultimate hand-me-down car every new driver got because their parent’s frugality was outweighed only by their aversion to shepherding their kids to and fro. Just about everyone has an experience with a run-of-the-mill 3S-FE-equipped DX complete with a A140E 4-speed automatic transmission. For me, it was the donor car in shop class on which I changed my first spark plugs. However, there was much more to the V20 Camry than meets the eye, and no, we’re not even talking about how Bubble Economy Toyota overbuilt it and cemented a legendary reputation for quality. We’re talking about how Camrys can actually be rare and fun. Continue reading


NEWS: Honda to debut S2000-esque concept at Tokyo Motor Show

Honda has released a teaser image of an upcoming concept to be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show. Called the Honda Sport EV, it appears to be a sports coupe with rear-wheel-drive proportions, with a flowing hood similar to that of the dearly departed S2000.  Continue reading


QotW: What is the worst modern design trend?

There have been questionable design choices throughout the ages — the giant safety bumpers that disgraced everything from Corolla to the 280Z immediately come to mind. Today it seems that these questionable designs are becoming more prevalent. There are no shortage of design choices that need to be lost to time, but which is the worst? These designs aren’t because automotive designers today are less talented; they’re just dealing with a set of regulations that stifle design options. To satisfy these regulations, belt lines are sky high and all that metal is being contorted into bizarre shapes to break up the space as if it’s no longer acceptable to have flat surfaces or rectangular shapes.

What is the worst modern design trend that needs to be gone immediately?

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EVENTS: 2017 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 02 — Because Race Car

In Japan, you have full-blown vintage racing events devoted to Nihon steelfactory sponsored motorsports festivals, and manufacturer exhibits. These things don’t really happen in the US with Japanese automakers, so JCCS is one of the rare opportunities for competition machines to shine.  Continue reading


EVENTS: 2017 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 01 — JDM Goodness

We say this every year, but it’s true: the quality and selection of cars at the Japanese Classic Car Show keeps getting better with age. This year, the representation from Japan was increased substantially, with nameplates both beloved and obscure. Here are the best JDM cars we saw at the show.  Continue reading


MOTORSPORT: There is now a giant 787B at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Measuring 32 feet long and 10 feet tall, the massive Mazda 787B towers above the Monterey-Salinas Highway. The road, also known as California State Route 68, passes by the entrance of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Apparently, when you buy the naming rights to a track, they let you decorate it how you like.  Continue reading


How to help our fellow Puerto Rican JNCers

Puerto Rico has one of the largest per capita JNC communities in the western hemisphere. Historically they have pushed the limits of rotary and 4-cylinder engines in drag racing, and was one of the first bastions of Japanese car culture outside of the land of the rising sun. Beyond their place in the annals of JNCing, the island itself has a vibrant and beautiful culture unique to anywhere else in the world. So far, 2017 has been a year of insurmountable tragedy for the island nation with the one-two punches from hurricanes Irma and Maria. A week after Irma hit the island prior to stalling over Houston, Maria landed a direct hit on the island as a full category 5 storm with winds as high as 150-plus mph and 10-foot surges.  Continue reading


VIDEO: Honda RA300 returns to Monza after 50 years

Honda debuted its RA300 Formula One car fifty years ago, near the tail end of the 1967 F1 season. Miraculously, it won the very first race it competed in, the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, by running strong but steady near the top of the pack for most of the race and and clinching victory in a last-lap pass of the two lead cars. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of this achievement, Honda sent the RA300 back to Monza and ran it on an exhibition lap at the Italian Grand Prix earlier this month.  Continue reading


KIDNEY, ANYONE? Mint chocolate 30k-mile Colt Vista Wagon

The first-gen Mitsubishi Chariot is one of those cars that people forgot ever existed. In the US, it was extra hard for it to gain any recognition, because it was sold under the Dodge brand and called the Colt, a model name it shared with everything from Mirages to Galants. Plus, they were eminently functional and affordable, meaning every example was pretty much used, abused and discarded. So when a 30,154-mile example shows up, and it’s a brown manual wagon, we take notice.  Continue reading


VIDEO: On board with the original Hakosuka GT-R touring car at Fuji Speedway

The legendary GT-R name began with boxy, sedan-based touring cars racing at Fuji Speedway. NISMO has just released a video in which they take one of these PGC10 Hakosuka Skyline GT-Rs out on Fuji Speedway, the circuit where they forged their legendary status in Japanese racing lore. Continue reading


QotW: What will happen to JNCs once autonomous cars take over?

It might take twenty years, it might take a hundred, but the the autonomous car revolution is coming. The question is, where will it leave those of us, presumably everyone who reads JNC, who prefer to manually hurtle ourselves across great distances in little metal boxes. Will we be forced to take our machines to the track like equestrians are today, be allowed to share the road with autonomous cars, or be banned altogether? Every major automaker is working towards this future, so we might as well prepare ourselves.

What will happen to JNCs once autonomous cars take over?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “Would you EV your JNC?Continue reading


JCCS Preview: Limited Edition 50th Anniversary “Giant Killer” 510 shirts

Our Giant Killer shirt, honoring the Nissan Bluebird/Datsun 510 and its historic battles against established players, has been very popular. Thus far we have only offered it in single colors, black ink on a brown or orange shirt. Since 2017 is a special year, the 50th anniversary of the 510, we thought it only fitting to release a limited edition tricolor version in vintage Nissan racing hues. Giant Killer LE will debut at the JCCS tomorrow, Saturday, September 23. We are making only 100 of them. If there are any remaining, we will put them in the JNC Shop. See you there!