NEWS: Scion brand name revived… as Trump hotel

279-0127_Scion xB 5 Axis DJ

Toyota had always described their Scion brand, which was axed earlier this year, as not just a car marque but a “lifestyle brand.” People seemed to either lament its passing or thought it was a horrible idea to begin with. As it turns out, Trump Hotels liked the name so much that they decided to revive it for a new — you guessed it — “lifestyle brand” of hotels.  Continue reading

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QotW: What JNC would Dracula drive (and why)?


Halloween is nearly upon us so why not go for a fun one! There are many iterations of Dracula over the years. He supposedly is hundreds of years old. He’s seen the ages go by so why wouldn’t he get himself a JNC? Be fun, be creative!

What JNC would Dracula drive (and why)?

As always,  the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize.  Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What defines the era of known as JNCContinue reading


VIDEO: Toyota GT86s in retro livery go for a drive


Toyota UK has been straight up killing it, unafraid to go all-out in promoting the marque’s vast motorsports history. They’ve decked six GT86s in the liveries of the most significant Toyota racing machines, brought an Initial D-inspired GT86 to life, and dressed a GT86 race car in the warpaint of a BTCC-winning AE86. Now they’ve just released a beautiful video in which the six retro livery cars drive across the British countryside.  Continue reading


GRAND TOURING: Isumi Matsuri


If there’s one thing that gets carriage-loads of people enthused, it’s trains — especially in Japan, where everyone loves trains. So, combining a wide range of Showa Era kyusha with a summer matsuri (festival) and organizing it at the most famous train line in Chiba Prefecture — that’s a guaranteed recipe for success.  Continue reading


NEWS: All your Mitsubishi are belong to us


Do not adjust your set. This is a takeover. Nissan’s purchase of a controlling stake in Mitsubishi Motors is now official. Transaction complete. Nissan-Mitsubishi-Renault-Samsung-Dacia-Venucia-Lada Alliance is now one of the top three largest automotive groups in the world. Plants will be optimized, platforms shared, and “significant synegies” “unleashed,” says our Alliance leader Carlos Ghosn, who took inspiration from Agent Smith when he came up with this vlog. Resistance is futile. Continue reading


VIDEO: Why you should get a Datsun 240Z


Despite lacking the slick production values popular with online classic car videos these days, Australia’s Shannons Club TV is our favorite series on the web. That’s because they have real, well-researched, and informative content that doesn’t simply parrot conventional wisdom. Watch this video on the Datsun 240Z and you’ll see what we mean.  Continue reading


PROFILES: The first Honda built for the US market, restored


One of the reasons JCCS was so special this year was the special debuts that carmakers had in store. Perhaps the most significant of them all was Honda’s unveiling of the newly restored Serial One N600, the first Honda automobile built for the US market. We chatted with the man who restored this piece of history and, as it turns out, it’s by several bouts of sheer luck that this car is even with us today. Continue reading


EVENTS: Celebrating one million Miatas


Now in its eighth year, Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca has become one of the keystone annual events for Miata enthusiasts in North America. It famously celebrated the 25th anniversary of the world’s favorite roadster two years ago with a gigantic, crop-circle-rivaling “MX-5 25” spelled out with Miatas. This year, it had the honor of hosting the final American tour date of the one millionth example of Mazda’s beloved sports car.  Continue reading


Come to the Toyota USA Museum for the Touge 80s finish

This Saturday will be the inaugural running of Touge 80s, our first Touge California event with a focus on cars of the pop-up headlight era.

After six hours of driving, our finish will be the Toyota USA Museum. And while all openings on the driving portion of Touge 80s have been filled, our sponsor Toyota has generously opened the doors to the museum to the public!

The museum is normally open by appointment only for special events, so this is a rare opportunity to see Toyota’s many classic, racing and concept cars.

In addition, this year is the 50th Anniversary of the Toyota Corolla, and Toyota invites you to come celebrate.

See below for details: Continue reading

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QotW: What defines the era known as JNC?

2484_Taira-Nagasu Ferry

American Muscle. European Design. German engineering. Italian flair. This is what gets thrown around the wash bay when describing classic cars from various areas. How about JNCs? Excluding the mid 90s of the “rice burner” era,  what say you when thinking of the cars of the JNC line-up.  How are they remembered now or will be remembered in the coming ages.

What defines the era known as JNC?

As always,  the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize.  Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “Which JNC needs the Hot Wheels treatment?

Continue reading


TUNE UP: Rich Chigga – Dat $tick Remix feat Ghostface Killah and Pouya


An Indonesian rapper going by the name of Rich Chigga went viral when he uploaded his song “Dat $tick” to YouTube in March. Rockin’ a preppy pink polo, an 80s Reebok fanny pack and plenty of guns, it seemed like satire. Or was it? The 16-year-old spat dopely enough to catch the ears and respect of established artists like Cam’ron and Desiigner. Ghostface Killah liked it so much that he said, “I’ll get on that track.” Well, now he — along with some Skylines and dekotora — has indeed gotten on that track in the “Dat $tick Remix.” WARNING: the video is straight up NSFW.   Continue reading


NEWS: Toyota-Suzuki partnership could result in a Japanese Big Three


At a surprise press conference October 12 in Japan, Toyota and Suzuki announced that they are in talks about a potential partnership. The announcement was puzzling to industry watchers, but if such a tie-up comes to fruition, we will essentially have three factions of automakers in Japan. Are we on the way to a Japanese Big Three? Continue reading


MOTORSPORT: Nissan pays tribute to the R32 GT-R at Bathurst


Nissan Australia does some pretty cool stuff Down Undah, things we can only dream of in the States. For example, they take the Altima racing, but instead of cheesy stunts punking normal schlubs, the Aussies turn them into actual race cars by converting them to RWD and shoving 668-horsepower 5.6-liter V8s under the bonnet. Then they put vintage Skyline liveries on them.  Continue reading


VIDEO: Zokusha Skyline Japan gives F1 drivers an image upgrade


In the Venn diagram of automotive cultures, there are some that simply have no overlaps. Even a few short years ago, the idea that the moneyed, Euro-centric world of Formula One would collide with the underground, largely disdained world of bosozoku would be unthinkable. Yet here, in 2016, we have two F1 drivers who have just gotten an image upgrade by driving a Skyline Japan zokushaContinue reading


RIP Tony Adamowicz, 1941—2016


American racing driver Tony Adamowicz (above, third from left) has passed away at the age of 75. Over an accomplished career, he drove just about every type of car imaginable in every type of race imaginable. From Dodge Challengers in Trans-Am to Greenwood Corvettes at Daytona to Ferraris at Le Mans, Adamowicz truly lived up to his nickname, Tony A2Z. As this Autoweek (which Adamowicz wrote for) article recounts, he even came in second in the 1971 Cannonball Run driving a Chevy van crammed with 55-gallon fuel drums, finishing just 20 minutes behind Dan Gurney in a Ferrari.

Beginning in the late 70s, though, and through the twilight years of his career, Adamowicz delivered several historic wins for Nissan’s US efforts. Continue reading


MINICARS: Hot Wheels x JNC Datsun Fairlady 2000 in green


Hot Wheels designer Jun Imai has revealed the next recolor of the Datsun Fairlady 2000 on Instagram. We love the industrial green color chosen for this release (with black JNC inkan on the front fender) but what will get collectors and customizers excited is the new wheel design. It may be hard to see from the photo, but it’s a widened, deep-dish steelie with a little bit of a stretch on the tires. We’ll have more detailed photos when we receive our samples.

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EVENTS: 2016 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 06 — The Indestructibles


You would think that some of the most indestructable machines built by humankind would be plentiful. Well, yes, but not in show-like condition. Ironically, because Toyota trucks work so damn well they’re used, abused, and then used some more, and vehicles like that don’t tend to stay very shiny for car shows. Nevertheless, some gems managed to survive lo these many years — like Cabe Toyota’s 30-Series 4WD and FJ Cruiser — and JCCS brought out some of the best. Continue reading


NEWS: You guys, this is the real Ken Bone

579-1778_Mazda RX4

During last night’s presidential debate, the internet was lit afire when an audience member named Kenneth Bone from Labadie, Missouri stood up to ask Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump a question. Perhaps it was his trenchant query about energy policy and jobs that captured America’s attention.

Haha, who are we kidding? It was some combination of his bright red sweater, generally genial affect, and incredible rock/porn star name. Immediately speculation began on exactly who this ray of sunshine was in the most forehead-slapping election season in American history. Well, we have the scoop on the real Ken Bone.  Continue reading


QotW: Which JNC needs the Hot Wheels treatment?


With the designers at Hot Wheels going all out with the J-tin, we have been pondering what will come next. Our minds wander all over the board, from racing pedigree to everyday workhorses like a Daihatsu Midget or the Suzuki Cervo like we saw at the Paris Motor Show.

What JNC needs the Hot Wheels treatment?

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What JNC brochure had the most exciting lifestyle promise?Continue reading


EVENTS: 2016 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 05 — FiveTens


Perhaps drawn by the 510 gods that brought John Morton’s BRE racer all the way from Nashville, this year’s JCCS had a surprisingly plentiful turnout of Nissan’s OG sports sedan. While Nissan’s racer was one of the biggest hits of the show, parked there alongside its modern counterparts in a pair of R35 GT-R GT3 cars, many privately owned examples shined for their own reasons. Continue reading