VIDEO: Jerry Seinfeld will drive the hubcap off a Mazda Cosmo Sport

Seinfeld Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Mazda Cosmo Sport

In the trailer for the upcoming season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld drives the hubcap off a Mazda Cosmo Sport. This marks the first Japanese car to appear in the series, if you don’t count the completely pointless Acura plug cars that Seinfeld would point at saying, “Here’s the plug car,” before swiftly moving on. The season’s guests are Judd Apatow, Margaret Cho, Jim Gaffigan, Lorne Michaels, John Oliver, and J. B. Smoove. Can anyone guess who gets the ride in the Cosmo Sport?  Continue reading


DESIGN: Subaru’s global design chief owns a Toyota Sports 800

H0831_Toyota Sports 800

Even before he stepped into his current position as head of global design of Subaru, Mamoru Ishii was already working on revamping the design language of his firm’s cars. The next evolution of Subaru styling will soon ripple across the lineup.  Continue reading


QotW What’s the greatest Japanese nostalgic grand tourer?


Half sports car, half luxury sedan, the grand tourer is built for carrying driver and one passenger in utmost comfort, kids and third wheels be damned. Though just as large, or sometimes even bigger, than their 4-door counterparts, fewer doors and less seating capacity is an absolute requirement. Grand tourers are more expensive too, giving them an extra-special IDGAF-ness.

What’s the greatest JNGT?

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What’s the most American JNC?”  Continue reading


EVENTS: Okutama Sunday Meeting

Okutama_B-day-00b_Prince Skyline GTB S54

A short time ago, we were invited to attend the monthly Okutama-ko Sunday kyusha meeting. Loosely organized by the well-known Isuzu shop Eagle Sports, it always attracts a wide range of cars. This weekend was special though, as GT-B driving friends said they would be using the Okutama-ko parking area as their meeting place for a touge run into the mountains of the area.  Continue reading


VIDEO: Live tour of the American Honda Collection


On Thursday Ben and I were in Torrance at the American Honda Collection working on an upcoming story. Before we left, though, we experimented with the newfangled Facebook Live feature and did a walkthrough of the private museum. Here’s the video, with apologies in advance for our unrefined filming/presenting skills. Continue reading

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Happy 610 Day from JNC


This year the Datsun 610 turns 45 years old. To celebrate, here are a couple of our favorite 610 stories from over the years. Continue reading

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VIDEO: Legendary Skyline drivers drive legendary Skylines

Gan-san Kurosawa Hakosuka Skyline GTR KPGC10

If you read our interview with Yoshikazu Sunako and found yourself itching for more of Japan’s racing heroes slinging Skylines around racetracks, you’re in luck. Back in 2001 Best Motoring produced a Skyline special reuniting three drivers with their respective cars, among the most famous racing Skylines in Japan’s motorsport history. Continue reading


VIDEO: The original Back to the Future Toyota Pickup

Back to the Future 1985 Toyota Pickup

We’ve seen many replicas of the iconic Toyota 4×4 from Back to the Future, most recently at Toyotafest, but also at shows like the JCCS. Hell, we’ve even seen Lego versions, and Toyota even made their own last year. However, there’s only one actual truck used in filming that is known to have survived, and it’s owned by Patrick Shea of Hubbardston, Massachusetts.  Continue reading


EVENTS: AE86 Nights 9th Anniversary

053-IMG_9720_Toyota AE86 Corolla

What started as a small gathering of enthusiasts of the last RWD Corolla eight years ago has grown into a gathering that attracts hundreds of cars from all over southern California. It all started with the beloved Hachiroku, and the types of cars that AE86 Nights has attracted over the years has changed dramatically, but it’s still a very specific type of car. It’s a bit hard to explain, but you’ll see what we mean when you see the gallery of images.  Continue reading


VIDEO: Man removes engine of first US-market Honda

Tim Mings Honda Serial One N600

“I’ve never had one kick my ass like that before,” says Tim Mings of the Serial One Honda N600. It’s the latest installment of Honda’s video series documenting the restoration of the first Honda built for the US market.  Continue reading


JNC VAULT: The Skyline Legend

Prince Skyline GT-B in Tokyo - GR1-3311

Last week we published one of our favorite JNC stories of all time: the interview with Yoshikazu Sunako, one of the original Skyline GT drivers at the 1964 Japan Grand Prix and a man who not only witnessed, but participated in the pivotal moment that some have called the birth of the Skyline Legend. In honor of Sunako-san, as well as Nissan Jam this Sunday, here are some other Prince Skyline stories we’ve published over the years.  Continue reading


NEWS: Toyota trademarks the Supra name in Europe

1980 Toyota Supra

Further evidence that the Supra is poised for a return has arrived in the form of a trademark filing. Toyota has claimed the name in the European Union Trademark system for use on an automobile, according to AutoGuide. In 2014, Toyota filed a trademark for the Supra name with the US Patent and Trademark Office as well.  Continue reading


QotW: What’s the most American JNC?


Most JNCs are great for slicing a touge, darting through urban streets, and possibly even a late night dice on the expressway if you’ve got a Bubble Era turbo. But what if you just want to take a long, comfortable cruise through several American states with Bruce Springsteen wailing through the radio? It may seem like a contradiction, but remember that many JNCs were built specifically for US tastes, and there’s no shortage of chromed land yachts or honest work trucks to take you through the heartland.

What’s the most American JNC?

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “How do you live the JNC life?”  Continue reading


LEGENDS: An interview with Yoshikazu Sunako, original Skyline racing driver

Nos2Days-Sk28_Yoshikazu Sunako Prince Skyline S45

Motor sports stories come in many types: the rookie driver winning their first race for a big name team, legendary drives from last place to the checkered-flag, the somehow magical performance in the rain that astounds everyone watching, and perhaps the most popular — the underdog team that overcomes adversary and better equipped rivals to win. In the history books of Japanese motor racing, this last category cannot be mentioned without talking about the 1964 Japan Grand Prix at Suzuka Circuit. Specifically, a moment that many have since called the birth of the Skyline legend. Continue reading


EVENTS: Club TE27 Meeting

04DI_Toyota Corolla Levin Sprinter Trueno TE27

Japanese owners of the TE27 Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno recently gathered for their annual meeting, held at the Toyota Automobile Museum in Aichi Prefecture in central Japan. Ninety-six cars in total came from all over the country, forming a sea of moss green and orange.  Continue reading


EVENTS: 2016 Z-Bash


Eighty-two years ago today Nissan Motor Company was established. What better way to celebrate than with a slew of photos of its most iconic sports car? Fortunately, the recent Z-Bash show in Anaheim, California had approximately 400 of them. Continue reading


NIHON LIFE: June is Illegal Exhaust Awareness Month in Japan

Nissan Skyline GT-R KPGC110 00127 auction 24

Time for a JNC public service announcement: If you have a car in Japan, and you have an aftermarket exhaust on it, be careful during the month of June. It’s Illegal Exhaust Awareness Month, and authorities will be cracking down on modified cars.  Continue reading


MOTORSPORT: The Mazda Cosmo Sport and the most grueling race of all time


The Mazda Cosmo Sport. This space age sports car from the spunky little company in Hiroshima is now a bona fide blue chip classic, a poster child of vintage Nihon sought after by collectors and auction addicts. It is an exquisite car. Its design was delightfully out of this world, as was its revolutionary engine. It even has racing pedigree: a short but important stint at Marathon de la Route. This race is often mentioned in the same breath as the Cosmo’s history, one of the most epic rallies in motorsport history. It’s a mad mad mad mad race. Continue reading


VINTAGE BARRELS: Techno Phantoms reissue

Hayashi Techno Phantom re-release 02

Some good news for fans of old Japanese aftermarket wheels: Hayashi Racing is re-releasing the Techno Phantom wheel. The classic rim, one of many old Japanese designs inspired by ninja stars, is now available to purchase brand new for the first time in decades.  Continue reading


QotW: How do you live the JNC life?

013dh5617_Toyota fest diecast

Not all of us are lucky enough to own the car of our dreams. And even if we do, sometimes that’s just not enough. Do you pore over every volume of Kousoku Yuen ever published? Build your dream garage in plastic model kits? Fill your house with thousands of little metal cars?

How do you live the JNC life?

What say you, dear reader? As always, the most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What should the next JNC wagon be?”  Continue reading