Tokyo Motor Show: Daihatsu brought the wrong Compagno

Daihatsu’s booth at the Tokyo Motor Show was the only one that had any sort of nostalgia factor. They even brought out a classic Midget and classic Compagno to sit prominently on stage beside the concepts they inspired. Unfortunately for the latter, they brought the wrong car.  Continue reading


Happy Halloween from JNC

What’s the first rule of entering a dark garage with a classic car? Don’t go in there alone. Happy Halloween from JNC!


Tokyo Motor Show: The heritage is strong with Daihatsu

Daihatsu came out strong this year with heritage models. We’ve already seen the Daihatsu DN Compagno concept, which shared the stage with a classic Compagno. Also at the Daihatsu stage was its most iconic nostalgic car, a 1959 Midget.  Continue reading


QotW: JNC Battle! NSX vs Supra

Tokyo Motor Show was a blast but we were really hoping to catch a glimpse of the new production model Supra. Sadly, we all will still have to paw over spy shots and 3-D renders for now. Honda came out with yet another great looking EV concept, this time a sporty coupe, but the NSX is still waiting for a dance partner…

Since we can’t judge (yet) Toyota’s new monster, I thought we could consider the last gen iterations. Which early 90s asphalt brawler did it better? The Toyota A80 (MKIV) Supra, or the Honda (Acura) NSX? What makes one better than the other? Styling? Technology? Raw driving characteristics? Let us know!

Who had the goods? NSX or Supra?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What car should our Touge Rally Master get?Continue reading


Tokyo Motor Show: 2018 Toyota Century

The Toyota Century is not just an executive sedan, it is a pillar of Japanese tradition. And like most Japanese traditions, it has carried on virtually unchanged for a long, long time. At the Tokyo Motor Show, however, nearly 50 years after its debut in 1967, the Toyota Century has undergone only its second full model change.  Continue reading


Tokyo Motor Show: Mazda’s concepts are simply stunning

In a largely disappointing Tokyo Motor Show, the stars of the Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Mitsubishi booths were autonomous or electric or overstyled crossovers — sometimes all three. Only Mazda bucked the trend with a couple of concepts that went old school. We don’t mean old school as in retro styling, but old school as in what golden era concept cars, like the ones from the 60s and 70s, were meant to do — get your heart revving with drop dead sexy looks give a glimpse of what’s to come. Continue reading


Tokyo Motor Show: Daihatsu saves the day

The Tokyo Motor Show was largely disappointing this year, mainly caused by high expectations. There was no Gran Turismo reunion of Supras, Zs, and Evos. In fact, Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi all highlighted some sort of electric crossover van thingy. It was up to tiny Daihatsu to show something, anything of interest to JNCers.  Continue reading


Tokyo Motor Show: Honda’s Sports EV concept will keep driving alive

Honda has unveiled what it believes is the next generation of sports cars at the Tokyo Motor Show. The Honda Sports EV is a concept model that the company says “combines EV performance and AI (artificial intelligence) inside a compact body with the aim to realize the joy of driving.”  Continue reading


Kidney, Anyone?: Flawless 1984 Toyota Camry LE

Our friend Bryan Thompson, is selling his flawless 1984 Toyota Camry. This means that right now is your best chance to own arguably the best example of a V10 generation Camry currently in private ownership. If Bryan’s name is familiar, you’ve probably seen some of his other cars in our posts from JCCS. He is a connoisseur of orphaned JNCs and has set out to collect the finest examples of obscure ones from across time.  Continue reading


QotW: What car should our Touge California Rallymaster get?

The time has come for your faithful Touge California rallymaster to get a new set of wheels. A shift in family priorities means that my trusty 2003 Honda Odyssey will be returning to kid-hauling duty with the missus, so I’m looking for a daily driver to handle my LA commuting needs. Of course, as a contributor to JNC, owner of a diecast model business, and announcer at JCCS, not just any vehicle will do. Since the JNC community was so helpful in steering Mrs Hsu toward the perfect car for her new life in LA, I’m hoping that your collective wisdom will once again generate a list of suitable candidates. Here are my requirements:

  • It must have a back seat that can accommodate two young kids, one of whom still requires a full-sized child safety seat. No flexibility on this point.
  • It must be at least somewhat modern, with reasonable level of crashworthiness in a freeway environment loaded with inattentively driven crossovers.
  • It must pass California registration and smog tests with zero hassle. That pretty much means only fuel injected cars will be considered, and it definitely means that privately imported JDM vehicles are out.
  • If a car was offered for sale in the US with a manual transmission, then ONLY manual versions of that car will be considered.
  • It must be stock. Stock means stock. If you suggest a car with “easily reversible mods,” you need to be prepared to come to my home and easily reverse them yourself. For free.
  • It must have some sort of performance potential. That can mean high-speed touring on the interstate, or it can mean cone-killing prowess at an autocross. Whatever, it just needs to be fun to drive.
  • It must be $5,000 or less.
  • Obviously, it has to be Japanese. I’ve made a couple of ill-advised BMW purchases, and I’m pretty sure that if I do that again my wife will leave me. And if she doesn’t, then Ben Hsu definitely will.

What car should our Touge California Rallymaster get?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What JNC needs to be Kylo Ren’s ride in the next Star Wars?”  Continue reading


EVENTS: 2017 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 08 — Best Booths

JCCS has become an international show. For years, the event has been growing, with ever better builds and spectators coming from farther reaches of the globe. This year, however, many top companies from Japan attended, while US-based ones upped the ante with their displays. These were the best booths of the 2017 JCCS. Continue reading


JCCS Spotlight: Best in Show goes to the most stunning Subaru 360 restoration we’ve ever seen

The competition has never been harder for a Best in Show award at JCCS. We did the perhaps obvious thing by giving the JNC award to a Datsun 510, but the JCCS judges collectively gave the coveted Best in Show award to Jay Ataka’s fully restored 1969 Subaru 360. It was with good reason, too. Continue reading


2017 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 07 — Trucks

One of our favorite categories of JCCS is classic trucks. The compact pickup is a lost art, and no one did them quite like Japan. As it turns out, the truck category turned out to be the single most diverse this year in terms of marque, and earned the selection a prime waterside spot.  Continue reading


VIDEO: Burnouts and assorted antics with the Wild Cards

After the recent JCCS show, our friends the Wild Cards swung by the Hoonigan offices for a little video shoot. You’ll see cars like Roy De Guzman’s Hako, Jay Kho’s R30, Patrick Soliman’s Kenmeri, and even JNC award winner Gilbert Susana’s 510. After a hood popping sesh the boys let loose with some burnouts and general hoonage. If seeing tires go up in smoke is your bag, check out the video below. Continue reading


QotW: What JNC needs to be Kylo Ren’s ride in the next Star Wars?

Last weekend, our mighty editor-in-chief Ben swung by the Tokyo offices as we gear up for Tokyo Motor Show. While on the hunt for some new Tomica minicars, we came across the above. Seeing as the latest trailer to the next Star Wars installment dropped, this week’s QotW is fitting. What does the First Order Jedi roll around in when not fighting on self-destructive planets, or losing his cool on a Destroyer?

Simple question, make it fun, gang. Bonus points if you Photoshop something. (Previous Star Wars-branded JNC excluded!!!)

What JNC needs to be Kylo Ren’s ride in the next Star Wars?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “How far will you go for your next JNC?Continue reading


NEWS: Daihatsu’s retro concepts for the Tokyo Motor Show

This year’s Tokyo Motor Show might see the revival of some legendary models — Supra, Z, S2000, Evo — but it might be Daihatsu that takes the cake for the most charming heritage concepts this year. The compact car specialist has revealed a pair of throwback models ahead of the show to mark the company’s 110th anniversary.  Continue reading


EVENTS: 2017 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 06 — Datsun 510 and the winner of the 2017 JNC Award

Every year, the kind folks at JCCS allow us to give one JNC award. This year, we were incredibly happy to give it to a Datsun 510, as 2017 happened to be the 50th anniversary of the Nissan 510 chassis. But which 510? There was a grip of them at the show, so let’s take a look at some of them before we reveal which five and dime went home with the award.  Continue reading


NEWS: Mazda’s Tokyo sedan concept to set next generation of design, looks rear-wheel-drive

Mazda has revealed some teasers for two concepts that will headline its Tokyo Motor Show display later this month. One is almost certainly the next-generation Mazda Axela (known stateside as the 3). The more far-out one is a sedan concept the Hiroshima carmaker says will establish the next generation of Mazda design. What’s more interesting though is that the car appears to have rear-wheel-drive proportions.  Continue reading


VIDEO: Listen to the sound of the Honda RA300 at Monza

Fifty years ago, the Honda RA300 won the Italian Grand Prix. Earlier this year, Honda took its famed racing machine back to Autodromo Nazionale Monza, and cranked its 48-valve, 12,000-rpm V12 for the fans to hear.  Continue reading


EVENTS: 2017 Japanese Classic Car Show, Part 05 — 80s & 90s

This year the JCCS Street Neo Classics show was put on hiatus because its venue, an area of the Toyota USA campus, is no longer available. If you’ve been following the news the company’s move to Texas is underway, so soon the long-standing Torrance headquarters will be a ghost office park. As such, JCCS organizers allowed a one time more 80s and 90s cars than would typically qualify — so enjoy this rare occasion!  Continue reading