VIDEO: FJ40 Land Cruiser stars in Hankook ad

We all know the FJ40 is legendary in its off-road capabilities. It’s also one of the hottest SUVs in the very hot segment of classic SUVs that are skyrocketing in value. It’s no wonder then that a beautiful Coronado Beige example stars in a Hankook Tires spot called “Chasing Daylight,” in which a landscape photographer tackles mud, rocks, and steep mountainsides to get the perfect shot before the sun goes down. The ad has been out for a while, but we just saw it recently. Kinda makes you want to go out and conquer the world with an FJ of your own, doesn’t it?  Continue reading


MINICARS: Roy De Guzman’s Hakosuka Skyline was made into a Hot Wheels

Imagine if your actual car, the one you’ve owned, built, maintained and cleaned for over a decade was immortalized in Hot Wheels form. How would you feel? Roy De Guzman knows exactly how it feels, because it happened to him, and he describes it thusly: “In a word, astonished.”  Continue reading


KIDNEY, ANYONE? Mint Nissan 200SX Turbo

We don’t know where Elyria, Ohio is, but we do know that right now there’s a 1984 Nissan 200SX Turbo there pulling some pretty impressive prices on eBay. It’s got all the right ingredients to justify the numbers, too. It’s a rare first-year-only color, has super-low mileage, and three pedals. It’s also a paragon of 80s radness. Continue reading


QotW: Take the JNC Challenge, Part 05

Welcome back everyone to our QotW challenge. As a refresher, we started off this challenge by tasking JNCers with buying a reliable JNC for $2,000 or less. As a result, the Honda Shuttle came out victorious. Next, despite getting offers for a first-gen RX-7 and an Isuzu Impulse, you all made it clear that we needed to hang on to the plucky Shuttle to fight another challenge.

Later the Shuttle was given a new purpose in addition to being a reliable chariot: Gymkana warrior. After the 4th installment of the QotW challenge, Randy suggested the Shuttle get a good set of tires while taking note of the suspension situation for future upgrades.

Well, we did indeed take the Shuttle out to a gymkhana and the thing dove into the corners and wobbled out as the tires held up but not the crusty suspension. A set of bushing are definitely in order!

Now, for the challenge. We have a reliable, newly-shoed Honda Shuttle. Some of the interior is still yanked out from the gymkhana (and really, who are we kidding. It will most likely be out for a while). The gymkhana was fun, but now we want to push the endurance of the Shuttle by taking it on an extended road trip. Let’s say we are starting in sunny California, and have 1 week (7 days) to make the trip, where do you go? How do you prepare? You will have two friends accompanying you as well.  They are not mechanically inclined but can “kinda” read a Rand McNally road map.

We have a budget of $600 and that includes food, lodging (if needed) and parts/upgrades for the trip. (excludes fuel, this time). Be creative and you can go as far, or close as you see fit. Give an account of how 3 people set off together on a grand tour, err.. adventure!

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “What JNC model has been most consistent?Continue reading


MINICARS: Hot Wheels Honda City and DR30 Skyline revealed at Tokyo Toy Show

Our friend Jun Imai is in Japan for the Tokyo Toy Show right now, and brought along some new goodies to reveal at the event. Both are turbocharged JDM cars from the 80s that were never sold in the States. The first is the estimable hot hatch, the Honda City. With new small aero-style wheels and an boxy body kit, it epitomizes Soichiro’s bulldog. The second is a slightly more traditional model in the modern Imai Era of Hot Wheels.  Continue reading


Happy National Doughnut Day from JNC

In Japan, the police don’t like doughnuts. Especially not the kind made by a Toyota Soarer on the pedestrian-dense and high-traffic streets of Shibuya, one of the busiest districts of Tokyo. Don’t try this at home and happy National Doughnut Day, everyone.

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MINICARS: Prepare yourselves for the Hot Wheels Hakosuka Skyline Wagon

The Datsun 510 Wagon has proven to be one of the hottest Hot Wheels of the modern age. Is it the fact that it was a Datsun, a wagon, or designer Jun Imai’s real car? Perhaps all of the above. If this 3D-printed prototype is any indication, Mattel will soon reprise its success with a new casting, the Hakosuka Skyline Wagon.  Continue reading


Happy KP61 Day from JNC too

As many of you have reminded us here on JNC and on Instagram, today is KP61 Day too. So, happy day to all the owners and fans of one of the very few RWD hot hatches around!

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GALLERIES: The Datsun Type 14 was Japan’s first mass-produced car

Nissan was founded on June 1, 1934. Most of its earliest cars have been lost to time, but at least three examples of the 1935 Datsun Type 14 have survived. That’s likely because it was the first mass-produced car from Japan.  Continue reading


Happy MA61 Day from JNC

“One is reluctant to speak of ‘a man’s car’ in these liberated times, but the Supra is exactly that,” wrote Car and Driver in 1983 when they put the MA61 Celica Supra on their 10 Best list. “The pedal effort, the shift linkage, the steering, the throttle response, the ride motions are all masculine—not fake macho, but positive male essence.” Do with that what you will. Happy 6/1 Day from JNC!


NIHON LIFE: Would you like a Skyline with your morning coffee?

In America, coffee costs $4 for a ridiculous latte that doesn’t even come with a toy car. In Japan, coffee companies often run promotions that attach a gift to the can, which you have to get at a specific convenience store chain. This Skyline one from a couple of years ago was probably one of the best in recent memory, with the caveat that you have to buy two coffees because the car was too big to fit on one. Oh well, double the caffeine!


50 YEAR CLUB: Mazda Cosmo Sport and Rotary Engine

Like it or not, the automotive industry is a highly conservative one. Advances are incremental, radical innovations few and far between. Amidst this seemingly depressing state, however, genuinely novel and creative ideas that challenge convention catch our attention and imagination all the more. Today, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of one such idea — or, rather, its manifestation. Half a century ago today, a dream came true: the Mazda rotary engine and the first car powered by it, the exquisite Cosmo Sport, was put forth into the world. Continue reading


QotW: What JNC model has been the most consistent?

As more and more models enter the JNC fold, we can see a lineage forming under nameplates that span several decades. Sometimes you can track the rise (or fall) of these nameplates as the design direction or company portfolio evolves over time. Still, there are some nameplates that have continued to consistently deliver on their purpose, whether it be for a sporty drive in the hills; or climbing up them on a new path. Tell us:

What JNC model has been the most consistent?

The most entertaining comment by next Monday will receive a prize. Scroll down to see the winner of last week’s QotW, “How should Mitsubishi have celebrated 100 years of cars?Continue reading


50 YEAR CLUB: Toyota 2000GT

Fifty years ago, the automotive world was forever changed. It was a Tuesday in May of 1967 that the Toyota 2000GT was introduced. It marked the dawn of a new age, a breakthrough in not only Japan’s automotive industry, but in the country’s place in the world. Every humble Corolla, every, rally-winning Celica, and every prized Lexus LFA can trace its origins to this moment. It was an awakening.  Continue reading


VIDEO: Toyota made some ads about long-time Corolla owners

Toyota Japan is continuing its celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Corolla with a series of videos about owners who have driven their Corollas for a very long time.  Continue reading


VIDEO: Rocky Auto’s RB30-powered Kenmeri

You’ve seen photos of Rocky Auto‘s restomod Kenmeri Skyline. It’s got an tuned RB30 engine, a completely reworked multi-link suspension, Work Meisters over R34 brakes, and modern Recaro sport seats. Recently, Rocky-San took it to Fuji Speedway and made a video.  Continue reading


NIHON LIFE: Stumbling across random car shops in Tokyo

It’s easy to get lost in Tokyo. The streets aren’t laid out in a grid and often have no signs on them, or if they do, they’re in Japanese. As a car otaku, the problem is compounded because rather than looking at buildings or landmarks, I’m looking at cars. And as you know, cars have a habit of not staying still. Moving is kind of their thing. Getting lost has its perks, though. For one, it’s surprisingly easy to stumble upon shops and parking lots with interesting J-tin parked in them.  Continue reading


NEWS: Historic Mazdas make more history at Concours d’Elegance

Ah concours d’elegance, an age-old tradition in the world of classic automobiles. It’s an aristocracy long impenetrable by anything but the most time-tested and pedigreed works of art. Mazda just made history by taking home wins at not one but two major concours in the US, including a first-ever preservation class award by a Japanese vehicle. We are now firmly in the age of Japanese classics. Continue reading


GALLERIES: Nissan’s 60th Anniversary of the Skyline celebration continues in Yokohama

The 60th anniversary of one of Japan’s most influential models is not lost on Nissan. Last month Nissan held simultaneous events at three locations across Tokyo and Yokohama on same weekend the original ALSID Prince Skyline was launched in 1957. While that has come and gone, at Nissan’s headquarters showroom the celebration continues with a new lineup of classic Skylines.  Continue reading


Nissan Jam 2017 will honor 50 years of the Datsun 510

In its fifth year, Nissan Jam will be returning to Anaheim, California. 2017 promises to be a very special year because it will honor the 50th anniversary of the 510, which was introduced in Japan in 1967.

All 510 owners registered for the show will receive a special commemorative poster, and there will be some special surprises at the show.

In addition to the regular awards for specific models, Nissan Jam’s location at La Palma Park now allows for car clubs and groups to park together, so the organizers are introducing new Best Car Club and Best Club Theme awards. It should be a fun way to show whose gang has the most school spirit.

You can register for Nissan Jam here. All Nissan, Datsun, and Infiniti cars and trucks are welcome.