Oz Fest, Part 2

G’Day blokes and Sheilas, welcome to part two of our news from Australia. This time, we’re here to inform you of a new site called grandJDM, a new Aussie site about – what else – vintage Japanese cars!

Enthusiasm for nostalgics is growing worldwide and will soon become an unstoppable force, like an 18-wheel tanker full of sand barreling down on a leather clad, post-apocalyptic biker gang. The site has pictures and posts about the rare classic stuff one can find in the southern hemisphere. Of course, this does absolutely nothing to stem our coveting of a place where, not only do women glow and men plunder, but old J-tin pops out like koalas from a eucalyptus tree everywhere you look. Proximity to Japan and driving on the right helped them land the big catch, and they’re not sharing! Well, at least we can read about them now.

Check out grandJDM here.

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