Our thoughts are with Japan this Doukoho Eve


As we were preparing for our yearly remembrance of Doukoho Eve, news came from Japan that Fukushima was struck by another massive earthquake. This was the same region that was hit in 2011, and while the quake measured only a magnitude 7.5, significantly weaker than the 8.9 five years ago, it could still be felt as far away as Nagoya. Since 2011, an early warning system broadcasting to all cellphone users in Japan has been implemented, and thus far no casualties have been reported. Remember to stay vigilant. We now return to our regularly scheduled zokusha video.

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7 Responses to Our thoughts are with Japan this Doukoho Eve

  1. Mercilessmings said:

    I’m in Tokyo now! Waiting for Godzilla to show up, and get things straight! Went to the HONDA Collection Hall today……Cat island in the morning!

  2. Nigel said:

    I saw some coverage of the quake on the Weather Network. (Watch out for Mothra ).

  3. SHC said:

    Oh boy I’m jealous. Here’s hoping the damage from the earthquake is minimal.

  4. MikeRL411 said:

    NHK International was right on it within a half hour. I watched the presentation. When they got tired of the talkng head presentation they switched to the domestic feed with simultaneous English Language translation. I watched the first wave tsunami wash in live at Fukushima.

  5. Hashiriya86 said:

    For anyone still wondering, we’re fine up here in Fukushima. Thank you all for your concern.

    (This morning’s quake was an unpleasant follow up, though)

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