On the Roadshow

Let’s face it, most of us would rather be caught dead under a collapsed jackstand than sit through an episode of Antiques Roadshow, the PBS program about, um, stuff. Perhaps this will change your mind: Subaru of America is sponsoring the 2007 season, and is sending a rare four-door 1969 360 Deluxe on the road with the producers. The car is from their own collection, one of three known to exist, and the product of a $25,000 restoration according to Subaru of America in this article in The Examiner. On the off chance that some of you petrol-heads actually enjoy watching public broadcasting footage of people discussing things they found in the attic, you can catch the stops in Balitmore, Orlando, San Antonio, Louisville, Spokane, and Las Vegas.

Image courtesy of The Examiner.

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