Oldschool JDM Tuner Challenge

Here’s a nice vid from Best Motoring, way back in the early 90s. It’s a tuner-car challenge around Maze circuit in Niigata prefecture. Surprisingly there are quite a few older cars in the mix, including a few FB/SA22 RX7s and a surprisingly fast S30 Zed, which SOUNDS great, and acquits itself very well until….well…you’ll see.

Part 2 of the vid is after the jump.

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7 Responses to Oldschool JDM Tuner Challenge

  1. Lincoln Stax said:

    That guy in the Z got rooked! I loved the start of that race. The guy in the Z made a very aggressive move to go from fourth to second. He wasn’t afraid to dent up his classic.

    I loved that Pulsar. It was a little giant killer. The GT-Rs had nothing for him. Also loved the shot of the umbrella girl adjusting her backside.

  2. cesariojpn said:

    Is this making up for the missed Friday video?

  3. N/Aontherun said:

    WOW! Nice video.

    I always thought of the GTI-R’s as the GTR’s little brother. This video here shows that the little brother can play with its big brother. lol

  4. Sr-FairladyZ said:

    Oh snap, cesariojpn said JNC are a buncha slackers! lol. Going to peep these vids when I get home. Thanks guys.

  5. Neil said:

    That S30 sounded amazing!

    I wonder what that pulsar has under the hood, wow. I believe its just a turbo SR20, but that thing is tweaked!

  6. Skylines & Z's said:

    wowowo……what a punch of amazing cars.. the Z totally rocked

  7. bert said:

    That Pulsar was quite the little rocket ship! I thought the MKIII Supra was kinda cool. Didn’t like the Porsche headlights on the RX7, thank goodness that fad didn’t last!

    The Zed got seriously jacked!

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