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Welcome back to GrandSkyline! No, not a post about Project Hakosuka today, but rather some old commercials that I found recently. We did do a piece on Skyline ad campaigns a few moons ago, but some of the Youtubes have since been removed. So here are some replacement ones!

The first is a collection of C10 commercials, and you can see the beginnings of the Ken and Mary concept that Nissan worked so well for the C110 generation of Skylines that were to come. It’s obviously also a much more innocent time, and somewhat less politically correct!

Also interesting is the “Ai no Skyline” tagline, which means “I Love Skyline” which was also carried over into the Ken and Mary ad campaign as the official song played during the commercial, and also was a tagline used in Skyline commercials up until the 80s I think. My favourite is the hillclimb one 🙂 although I am disappointed that I didn’t get the memo that Hakosuka driver’s are required to wear rollneck sweaters.

Here’s a collection of Kenmeri catalogues, and the clip also features some Hakosuka racing footage from back in the day. The Kenmeri Skyline of course was not officially raced, because Nissan pulled out of touring car racing in 1973 just as the fuel crisis hit across the world.

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  1. 31GUN said:

    Ahhh Hardu toP Skyrine. 😀
    I also like the concept drawings at the start of the 110 clip.
    They look hawt!


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