Old Skool in the Olde World

Blimey! There’s a new site on the web about our favorite topic, old Japanese cars, and it’s called Old Japanese Car. Can’t get much more direct that that! The site was started by a couple of chaps who go by the handles Hirst and Spottedlaurel in our forums and they hail from the UK. They already have pictures up on their site of some choice car shows from Britannia, and will have British brochures for your viewing pleasure. Brilliant, that.

So between this, grandJDM and us, we’ve pretty much got the English speaking world covered*. In fact, since Japan has no shortage of sites devoted to their own classics, we’re proud to report that nostalgic-mania now exists on four out of seven continents. Let’s get on the ball, Antarctica!

We can’t wait to see what news these petrol-heads bring from the Isles as enthusiasm for vintage J-cars spreads across the world like Speed Racer and Pokemon. Cheerio for now!

* Accents may vary.

Image courtesy of Old Japanese Car.

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