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A little time travel today, as we throw you back to October 2005 to check out an article and gallery of shots from the inaugural Japanese Classic Car Show in California, USA, by well known JDM-dedicated online magazine JTuned.

While many of the cars shown are post-1980 (technically, a classic car in the US need only be 25 years or older), there’s no shortage of sexy 60s and 70s JDM to feast your eyes on.  Get to it!

Old Skool JDM @ JTuned.com

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2 Responses to Old Skool at JTuned

  1. Ben said:

    I must say that I generally prefer how they do their rotors in the ‘States than how we do here in Oz. They seem a bit more restrained.

    And they don’t have as much of a thing for RX-3s which is also a plus in my view 🙂

  2. Lachy said:

    Totally agree Ben, I am the first to point out America’s bad taste, but when it comes to JDM they know the score. It’s all about style & understatement it seems, whereas in Aus it’s a battle of who has the heaviest wheels and most garish interior.

    The cross-section of classic JDM owners in Australia vs. America is fairly different too from what I’ve seen. Maybe this has something to do with it?

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