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Old Japanese Cars

JDM-Freaks, we bring you today a bit of a curious website. This one is dedicated to the lesser-known old J-tin. It’s in Japanese of course, but thankfully there are lots of pictures to check out! The website states proudly on the front page;

“Funinki-kyushakai” feature customized unloved and worthless Japanese nostalgic cars for real enthusiasts.

You heard the man! We’re talking ugly old Toyota Crown, Nissan Laurel, Daihatsu Charmant amongst others. Not as popular as your S30Z or Celica, but for us, equally as interesting. We hope you find them interesting too.

Visit Funinki-kyushakai

There are lots of links on the site, so make sure to click everywhere! A lot of affiliated Japanese websites too, all of which are worth checking out. Yup, you can spend hours just looking around if you like!

Just make sure not to miss the gallery page.

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3 Responses to Old Charm

  1. ultraman019 said:

    Still cool, nonetheless!

  2. xsoarerx said:

    i love how all the engines have been twin/tripple carbed 🙂 nothing cooler than old bluebirds, crowns and that charmant! the best looking E70 toyota ever that was made by daihatsu

  3. RatDat said:

    This has to be the only Japanese site I have seen which even mentions the 710 Violet. It must be one of the really unpopular models in Japan!

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