Office Tomitaku Fairlady Z: DOHC 24V OS Giken TC24 Droolage


Ages ago Van made a post about the legendary DOHC, 24 valve cylinder heads made by OS Giken in the late 70s for the Nissan L-Series. And while there are countless Nissan old school fans who would gladly sacrifice a few internal organs for a Giken TC24 head, it won’t do you any good, since they’ve been out of production for more than 20yrs and the casting moulds are damaged beyond repair.

So it’s so nice to see not one, but a few of these restored, and in action at Office Tomitaku.


Office Tomitaku’s beautiful 240Z was featured in Lightning magazine last year.

But here’s a great video of it in action….take it from me, do yourself a favour and turn up the speakers! I don’t care if this thing can’t drive its way out of a wet paper bag, it SOUNDS fantastic!

h01.jpgOk, after you clean up the drool from your keyboard, mosey on along to their excellent restoration diary on their orange 240Z. Towards the end of the video above, you’ll notice that Office Tomitaku also has done a TC24 headed Hakosuka too. You can see some more footage of that car here.


And don’t leave their website until you’ve managed to check out the rest of their brilliant movie archive. Make sure you also check out the Hakosuka race!

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2 Responses to Office Tomitaku Fairlady Z: DOHC 24V OS Giken TC24 Droolage

  1. Organic Zero said:

    every time i heard about these engines i keep wondering how hard would truly be to “copy” one of these, i mean with todays technology in engineering, there’s probably a way to do it… maybe noone wants to offer their parts for the process…

    still i gotta add that I’m no engineering geek… so I could be probably running my mouth into something stupid.

  2. Kev said:

    To be honest, it would be much easier and more practical to convert a modern RB25DE DOHC 24v motor to run on carbs than it would be to make a DOHC head from scratch….although someone’s actually done just that in the USA: LINK

    Also I think places like can also modify an OHC L-series head to flow 350+hp anyway, so it’s arguable if you really *need* an OS Giken head.

    But yeah…a Giken DOHC head (that nobody else has) would be the coolest if you had unlimited money šŸ˜€

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