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Here’s a poignantly written column by Jay Bookman of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution called “Summer Ode to a Beloved Rust Bucket” about his 1980 Toyota Corolla. The piece begins with an amusing story about how his neighbor’s kid is mystified by the car’s window crank. We’re not sure when we passed the event horizon, but it’s true – even the cheapest rental mule comes equipped with power windows now.

Bookman’s experience with his “old friend” parallels those of many Americans who have known the joy of old Japanese car ownership. He purchased his car fresh out of college for $5000 twenty-seven years ago and has owned it ever since. The a/c and radio died long ago, but the motor just keeps on humming. Bookman doubts it will ever attain classic status and still drives it every day, cracked dash and all, much to the chagrin of his entire family.

Note: This photo is from our Toyotafest gallery. Bookman did not include a picture of his trusty sidekick in his article.

Source: [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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