Ode to a 1979 Honda Civic Wagon

Why is it that most classic car enthusiasts love station wagons? Is it because they’re symbolic of a time gone by and all but extinct from new car lots? Do we just fondly remember going on family road trips? Or maybe it’s the car-like stance combined with the practicality of an SUV. Many of us at here at JNC are certified wagon nuts and so are the guys at Hemmings. We hope their Wagon Snippets become a regular part of the blog, and we’re stoked to see them start off with some J-tin, a 1979 Honda Civic!

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7 Responses to Ode to a 1979 Honda Civic Wagon

  1. Bob said:

    Very cool- but I’m with the Hemmings guys, that’s an awful lot of dough to ask for something like that. Even the gentleman in the JNC for sale forum can’t get what he’s asking for his racing Civic, which isn’t this much.

  2. Andy said:

    $8900!!! I think someone missed a few pills.

  3. Carl Beck said:

    With a complete bare metal repaint, new carpet and seat covers – I’m sure many other small items were also refreshed – – the actual cost of the Wagon is closer to $4K. Take out the hassle factor of trying to refresh one yourself – and $8,900.00 is pocket change in the Classic, Collectible and Special Interest Car market.

    Take your typical example and pay $1,500.00 for it – then try to put it in the same conditon for $7,500.00 or less.

    Where else will you get an “almost new” conversation piece, that worse case gets 45 mpg…. for $9K???? Remember it is a HONDA not a Vega…

    Personally I’d much rather have a 72 Datsun 510 S/W…. come to think of it – I do hve one!!

  4. GEN2TWINCAM said:

    I agree with Carl.

    I’m doing a ground-up restoration on my ’82 Civic. The amount of time involved can be huge (cutting, welding, painting). And finding new replacements for weather-worn and aged parts is becoming almost impossible. Considering what’s involved, $8,900 seems resonable for a well restored car.

    Hemming’s comment concerning $2,400 for a “Condition #1” example seems a bit off.

  5. coupeZ600 said:

    I bought a ’82 Hatch in 1995 that needed a new clutch, for $350. I drove it for eight years, just as a commuter, without ever changing the oil. I gave it to a single-mom friend whose daughter was turning sixteen and didn’t have a lot of money but was in an auto-shop class in high-school. When I passed her the keys, I said, “It needs a new clutch, and you might want to change the oil, it’s been in there a while.” She’s totally restored it with the help of her class, and whenever I see her ‘hooning around, (she’s a pizza-delivery driver), I always smile. One of the best cars I’ve ever owned, and started my love affair with Honda’s.

  6. colink said:

    cool looking wagon

  7. This post placed me in reminiscing mode. Weekends with mom, dad and michael. Our good ‘ol station wagon now gone but forever in my heart.

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