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The car Gran Turismo players have been waiting for was unveiled a couple of hours ago via live webcast and the bras are off! Not that that kind, although we’d probably be tossing ours onto the stage if we wore them. Which we don’t. No, we’re talking about the black mask the car’s been wearing forever as part of the least concealing disguise since Clark Kent’s glasses. Actually, that mask looks more Bat than Super. Man, if Bruce Wayne drove one in the next Batman movie that would RULE! But we digress.

The new GT-R is everything its predecessors have been, except a Skyline. The legendary name was unceremoniously dropped like cell phone call going through a tunnel, but at least the car resembles the KPGC10 through R34 GT-Rs in spirit. What’s that? Oh, it has a V6 instead of a straight-six? And it has a DSG-type transmission instead of a manual too? Okay, but other than that, it has everything.

Unbelievable performance? Check. It’s beaten a Porsche 911 Turbo on Germany’s Nürburgring and some sources are quoting a 3.5 second 0-60 time. In fact, video proof (click on GT-R Detail > Movie) was replayed on gigantic curved flatscreens during the moments before the conference began. Will Porsche retaliate swiftly like it did with the 2000GT?

Aggressive design? Check. With those distinctly Japanese creases running down its flared fenders and muscular haunches, obligatory four round taillights, and a snout that looks likes it’s swallowing a VW, the styling should get instant intervention in any anger management class.

Insane power? Check. All wheel drive, twin turbos, and a now-confirmed power rating of 480PS (473.33333… hp). Keep Nick Hogan away from this one.

Still, we’re not sure whether we can adamantly say it’s a true spiritual successor to Skylines of yore. If you have an opinion, please chime in. Yeah, that’s a cop-out answer, but maybe the fact that we can’t give a resounding yes is a problem. Time will have to tell. Regardless though, with Honda’s new NSX and Toyota’s Lexus LF-A coming down the pipeline, we’re hoping this is just the opening salvo in a new horsepower war about to be unleashed from the isles of Japan.

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3 Responses to October Skyline

  1. J said:

    Welp, I feel just because its not a straight 6 anymore, that doesn’t stop it from being a true spiritual successor. The Z did the same transformation in the mid 80’s and that didn’t stop the warm fuzzy “Z feeling”. Besides, the V always makes for better weight displacement. Now the only having a sequential gear box and no manual trans thing may cause a stir in the racing world, but again I think its a step up. Up to the exotics. Long live the GTR.

  2. Jnostalgics said:

    Good points all around, J. It’s likely that even if the GT-R didn’t go on hiatus for a generation a DSG would have made it into the works anyway. Still, it’s hard to get over the V6. The inline 6 was so pure and well balanced. Well, maybe not so hard to get over considering the 3.5 second 0-60 time. But the name, ack. Shoulda kept the Skyline part.

  3. Jorge said:

    F’ing Sick….. The new GTR is F’ing Sick. It looks good and seems as though the new format will kick serious ass. As sick as it is, the only thing that bothers me a bit is the styling. To me, it doesn’t scream “Skyline GTR!!!” It looks to closely like the concept, but over all it still looks great. My only other gripe is the DSG. It shoud of been a full manual to serve us true enthusiasts. But with that said, the new GTR will surely make an impact and, more importantly, it will help with Corvette population control. Props to Nissan.

    The Hakosuka Nissan had makes my PL510 look terrible (not that it wasn’t anything short of POS in the first place!).

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