O, Canada!

As if their inexpensive health care and lack of violent crime weren’t enough, our neighbors to the north can import any car they please, as long as it’s 15 years old. Seriously, guys? Californians are still getting their exhaust holes sniffed on cars double that age. This article in The Globe and Mail about an imported Nissan Figaro really twists the knife.

We’ve always been fans of the retro stylings of Nissan’s March-based boutique cars, with their uncanny ability to evoke post-War transport while luxuriating the driver in digital age comforts. But think of the other gems that fall into this time frame, everything from an R32 Skyline GT-R to Showa Era sleds like the Z20 Soarer, or how about a hot hatch like the Honda City Turbo II? The possibilities, and seething jealousy, are endless.

There’s no telling how long this sushi buffet will last. Some areas north of the 49th Parallel are already exhibiting US-like tendencies. The Canadian government could decide to adopt our import rules like they did our transportation safety laws, and then we’ll just be one big continent of sadness.

[Source: The Globe and Mail]

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3 Responses to O, Canada!

  1. Vince said:

    I know this is old but i ran into a guy in Pasadena California that owns and drives one of these! and considering that its Pasadena im willing to bet he’s a nissan corporate employee or has to do something with Art Center College of Design.

  2. エーむダン said:

    As a Canadian, I think the Japanese cars I have seen were all wonderful, from the 180SX Type X and the Sileighty, even the 5th generation Civic. I love JNC Cars and my Die-cast reflection is a testament to that love of Japanese cars.

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