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fujicabin.jpgFrom the Less Is More Bureau, it has come to our attention that can be hard to spell rather annoying to type out in its entirety. So for the 2008 model, our weight reduction engineers have put the domain on a crash diet for your added convenience. We’ve purchased the domains and, and set both of them to redirect to this site. Or, you could just bookmark it. Either way. Of course, the original full-size will still work as well.

Keeping with the fat-cutting theme, the car in the photo is a 1955 Fujicabin 5A (also sometimes called a Fuji Cabin), which was a 1-cylinder, 5.5hp model that was more or less a scooter in a fiberglass shell. While other cars had four wheels, the Fujicabin made do with just three. No need for the opulent luxury provided by two windshield wipers, either. One is plenty. And two headlights? What excess! The Fujicabin sports a single, Cyclopean beam. Even its production run was sparse: Fuji, a Nissan affiliate, built only 85 between the years 1955 and 1958.

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