Nostalgics at the 2011 Historic Acropolis Rally

Watch a parade of Corolla, Celica, Starlet, Gemini, and Mazda RX-7 rally cars rip through the dusty roads of Athens alongside Lancias and Porsches in the 2011 Historic Acropolis Rally.

[Youtube via Jalopnik]

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5 Responses to Nostalgics at the 2011 Historic Acropolis Rally

  1. Tyler said:

    7:00 was that a freakin rally Fairlane? Awesome!

    • Exiv96 said:

      It’s a Falcon Sprint. Back in the 1960s, a few of them took part in european rallies, including the Monte Carlo, and raced in touring car series.

  2. Exiv96 said:

    The “Gemini” isn’t an Gemini : it’s an Opel Kadett GT/E.

  3. Joel said:

    Celica won Over-ALL


    Toysport 152E

  4. Constantinos said:

    Check the celica here

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