Nostalgic Car Events for the Weekend of 10/25

Here are some more events coming up for this weekend, and for once it’s for you east coasters! First up, for those south of the Mason-Dixon you’ve got the Nostalgic Japanese Street Fighters meet sponsored by Zero Garage in, um, Cumming, Georgia. This is one of the fastest growing groups in the country, and they are aiming to have over 100 cars there this Satruday, October 25.

Then, if you can book it all night up I-95 like you’re haulin’ moonshine across state lines, maybe you can just make it to the Team Toyminator old school Toyota Parts Swap on Sunday, October 26 in South Plainfield, New Jersey. Just be careful of Smokey!


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2 Responses to Nostalgic Car Events for the Weekend of 10/25

  1. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) said:

    Hahaha… wonder what they were thinking when they founded that City! haha.

    Sounds like fun! Hopefully someone takes lots of pix!

  2. Charlie said:

    there will be tons of pictures taken. there are a bunch from the last meet on the zerogarage site. Cumming is north of atlanta btw. the meet is at lake lanier.

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