Normal Transmission Will Re-Commence in a Few Days

250_japantrip015.jpgApologies in advance for a bit of a quiet period on GrandJDM over the next couple of days, be we’ll be incommunicado for a short while because we’ll be travelling to JDM-Land for the Tokyo Autosalon.

Of course we’ll take lots of pictures while we’re there, so we’ll see you in a couple of days’ time with our Autosalon coverage!

For the time being, here is some JDM randomness to tide you over:

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One Response to Normal Transmission Will Re-Commence in a Few Days

  1. zep said:

    Awesome, that is something I would love to do! Please please please get some good pics of Isuzu goodness… everyone always seems to forget about them during the storm of J-tin that Japan provides. Current pics and stories are scarce.

    Lachlan, if you’re going, I mean you! 😛

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