Nissan Skyline 50th Victory at Fuji in Pouring Rain

Even in modern cars, we sometimes still turn into little old ladies when driving in a torrential downpour. But in round one of the 1972 Grand Champion Series, competitors in vintage J-tin had to race through a water-drenched Fuji Speedway. At full throttle. While contending for position. With none of the ABS, ESC, AWD or the decades of tire and suspension technology that have come since. Of course, this was the historic race in which the Nissan Skyline GT-R took its monumental 50th victory. Truly epic viewing.

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8 Responses to Nissan Skyline 50th Victory at Fuji in Pouring Rain

  1. elmonoloco said:

    Shaa Kkriff!!!!!!!!

  2. SrFairladyZ said:

    GawH! Completely awesome level of skill! Thanks for the video.

  3. Jeremy said:


    that soo make nascar look stupid….. not racing in the rain dOrKs! that’s a f-in big banking turn………. please post more vintage race movies!


  4. Koich said:

    Man, Kunimitsu Takahashi looks so young in that video. It must of been made a long long time ago. lol

  5. Kev said:

    1972 to be exact

    I think this race was just after Mazda had beaten Nissan in the previous race. In the previous race, the Fuji 300 (I think in December 71) the GT-R was up for a historic 50th straight win in a row and mechanical troubles meant that a Mazda RX-3 broke the 49-race Skyline winning streak and got the victory instead. So this race victory a couple of mths later was sweet payback for Nissan.

    Now the footage of THAT December race is good viewing 🙂

  6. Burabuda said:

    bittersweet. the peak of nissan nippon motorsports

  7. HundredPerCent said:

    wow Respect good drivers and the cars are amazing thanks 4 this video !

  8. Bobby Paisano said:

    Freakin Epic man…

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