Announcing the 2013 Nissan Jam


There’s an exciting new car show coming to SoCal this summer. The Nissan Jam is the brain child of the folks who are responsible for the world famous Japanese Classic Car Show, and we at JNC are proud to be on board for the inaugural event.

The goal of Nissan Jam is to do for SoCal’s extensive Nissan/Datsun community what Toyotafest has done for Toyota/Lexus/Scion owners. There are already a slew of vendors and sponsors lined up, with awesome raffle prizes. Registration is open, and you can find the full details at Nissan

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16 Responses to Announcing the 2013 Nissan Jam

  1. David Gonzalez said:

    Awesome!!! Z Club of San Diego will b there

  2. michael grassi said:

    very interested in nissan show

  3. todd erlandson said:

    please keep me informed re: the Nissan Jam. 1970 Datsun wagon welcome?

  4. Adrian said:

    Im willing to travel from NYC, please inform me with all necessary info

  5. Jaymie Gonzaga said:

    Looking forward to another great show! My S12 will be ready!

  6. LuisC said:

    hello I’m from Mexicali B.C. Mexico and I wonder if I can go to the event? any payment is required to enter the event or is it free? would lead to show my B13 w / NeoVVL

  7. David Moreno said:

    San Diego Discontinued Datsuns can’t wait, and is happy to show our support. Thank you for putting this on!!!

  8. LuisC said:

    Registration details??

  9. Ben said:

    please go to for all registration! Thanks!

  10. conservancy@MHR said:

    … this is going to be huge. This is going to be the biggest car show, in Southern California — asj.

  11. Mike said:

    Nice will try and attend in the blue 200Sx

  12. ENRIQUE said:

    I registered the first day and still haven’t heard anything or gotten anything.

  13. Kevin said:

    are infiniti cars welcome?

    • Ben said:

      Sorry Kevin. Right now they aren’t. The hope is this show will grow and eventually be able to accomodate them. But you are welcome to come as a spectator. It’s free!

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