Nissan Cedrics Speed Through Daitokai, The Big City

You may recognize some of the faces here, but this is not Seibu Keisatsu. Rather, it’s Daitokai (“The Big City”), a Japanese television series that preceded the car chase-filled antics of Tokyo’s western district.

Tetsuya Watari (Sgt. Daimon in Seibu) plays Raisuke Kuroiwa, a different Nissan-driving, sawed-off shotgun-toting, aviator-wearing badass. Although the big city has no shortage of Cedric sedans screeching around narrow streets, knocking over fruit stands and empty baby prams, we learn a very valuable lesson here: do not to get taken hostage by armed criminals in Japan. The cops tend to shoot first and check if you’re okay second. Watch the video below the fold.

Hat tip to cesariojpn.

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10 Responses to Nissan Cedrics Speed Through Daitokai, The Big City

  1. cesariojpn said:

    5:29 – Toyota Century in background?

  2. bert said:

    If you ask me, Tetsuya has a morbid fascination with shooting people in the face! He should get that checked!

  3. tom said:

    6:17 skline japan? 6:40 Honda N360?

  4. coupeZ600 said:

    @ tom: Sure looks like one to me!

    Wow! Shotguns are way more accurate and certainly less messy in Japan than they are in the U.S. Wonder how they do that?

  5. cesariojpn said:


    Might be a different round. Shotgun shells do come in other loads.

  6. Ben said:

    bert – so true. And we didn’t even talk about Guerilla Group 8!

    yep, the man has a problem!

  7. Jim-Bob said:

    I am surprised no one mentioned the two Honda Super Cubs parked next to the N360 at the end.

  8. Killua said:

    That KE26 Wagon at 6:48 looks like it has been a bit abused. Pretty cool nonetheless.

  9. Sarcasmo said:

    I like the Datsun B210 at 2:00 and the Mark II at 2:50

  10. Sarcasmo said:

    Nice 610 and Celica liftback parked at 6:23 🙂

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