Nissan C110 Skyline Design Sketches

For those in love with the lines of the kenmeri Skyline, these design sketches from Car Styling gives us a peek into what could have been. Imagine the alternate universe in which one of these designs was chosen for the production KGC110. The Skyline’s signature quad afterburners may have never existed!

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6 Responses to Nissan C110 Skyline Design Sketches

  1. banpei said:

    Yumyumyum! 🙂
    The first two sketches look a bit Mitsubishi to me and I love the second van design!
    For the people interested in a documentary of the development of the C110, see here:

  2. Nigel said:

    I have seen one of these sketches before, its been turned into a clock and is on the wall in a shop like RS Start, or Izawa Taste not sure which one.
    The top one does look a lot like a Mitsubishi.

  3. Mazarin said:

    Wow – those have exactly the same style as some of my dad’s designs from college back in the day. Gotta head over to the ol’ house and dig them out of the basement…

  4. OkieRA29 said:

    I am really digging the front of the first black and white study. Couple that with the rear of the second study. I think somebody in Japan should do just that.

  5. slickwrick said:

    some of those look nice!
    15 and 24 and the cherry lookin one

  6. Sarcasmo said:

    All those top sketches were UGLY. They look more like concept cars for the Buick Riviera. Thank God, the Kenmeri didn’t look like any of those things.

    The pic of the white car, #6, looks like Speed Racer’s Mach 5.

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