Nissan 370Z Designer Is an S30 Owner

Well whaddya know. Randy Rodriguez, one of the key designers of the Nissan 370Z, is an S30 fan at heart, according to this Canadian Press article. He’s owned 10 of them, in fact, and currently drives 1977 280Z that he restored himself. He says that his sketches were heavily influenced by the 240Z and the new GT-R. You might take issue with his statement that the 240Z and 350Z were the best Zs, but it’s good to know there such die-hard Datsun enthusiasts  working at Nissan.

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3 Responses to Nissan 370Z Designer Is an S30 Owner

  1. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    What a gorgeous pair!

  2. Gouki said:

    and there you have it

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