NEWS: Nissan’s NISMO Heritage parts program launches

Nissan has begun its NISMO Heritage program, which manufactures parts for its iconic cars. The program kicks off with 74 parts for the R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R, but there could be more in the future.

Since Nissan announced the program in April fans have been eager to know exactly which long out of production parts would be offered. Now we know, and it’s no surprise that the majority of them are items needed to pass Japan’s Shaken roadworthiness inspections. That includes a lot of rubber hoses and for the emissions system, but also items like power steering lines shown above.

Also included in the first wave of release are the crank pulley, clutch lines, and those clear plastic fluid reservoirs that discolor with age. And what owner wouldn’t want supple new wiring harnesses, but those are scheduled for future release. Perhaps most impressively, an entirely new front bumper cover is on the list, for a mere ¥108,000 (about $1,000 USD). Cosmetic items like the GT-R badge, V-Spec decals and emissions labels are also available.

It should be noted that these parts are manufactured under NISMO and not Nissan itself, so ordering should be done through NISMO retailers. There are two categories of parts. Genuine production parts will be part of the inventory and can be ordered through NISMO shops, though there’s a disclaimer that it could take several months. Then there are “lot production” parts, which will only be produced if orders reach a certain number.

The R32 is currently the only model in the program. Nissan acknowledged that it is due to the sheer enthusiasm for the car and its classic status, with many customers wanting to keep theirs on the road or to be able to pass them down to their children. NISMO says that if the program is successful, they will also consider making parts for the R33 and R34 Skyline GT-Rs. You can see a full list of parts at the official NISMO website.



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5 Responses to NEWS: Nissan’s NISMO Heritage parts program launches

  1. while i think this is cool and i congratulate nissan / Nismo for the desicion to do so, i feel a bit sorry for the older cars. For an R32 it’s still possible to find parts if looking hard enough. but for other classics like th S30 or Hakosuka the demand for OEM-quality body parts and rust replacement panels would definitely be worth the labour and production costs….
    But with increasing prices in that sector i still hope that someone will finally make high quality parts for the real JNC’s

  2. RX626 said:

    The price of the precise front bumper is 108,000 JPY. (The notation of 1000 USD is correct.)
    This is cheaper than the market price of second-hand front bumpers sold at Japanese auctions and will help many R32 fans.

  3. Tim said:

    Damn, no dashboard. Every R32 on the market seems to have a bubbled dash.

  4. Jayrdee said:

    Toyota / TRD .. are you watching this?!?

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