NEWS: Nissan IDx to appear in Fast 8?

Nissan IDx Fast 8 The Rock

The Nissan IDx might be dead but it might ride again in the next installment of the Fast & Furious franchise.

In a recent Instagram video posted by Dwayne The Rock Johnson, the Fast 8 actor appears to be on set with a bunch of cars, including the unmistakable Nissan IDx NISMO. Johnson points to the IDx and says, “We’ve got a $2 million Nissan prototype” before panning to some other cars.

Nissan IDx FreeFlow Datsun 510 Concept 01

The much beloved concept car, unveiled at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, was a supposed lightweight, rear-wheel-drive sports coupe with styling cues from Nissan heritage models like the Datsun 510 and hakosuka Skyline. Sadly, despite an initial tease, Nissan is not planning to actually make it. Perhaps if its role in the film is strong enough, things will change.

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9 Responses to NEWS: Nissan IDx to appear in Fast 8?

  1. Mazluce said:

    That’s just a slap in the face for enthusiasts to have that car in the film after NISSAN shelved the project despite strong support from the public to build it. Still mad and putting it in a silly movie only reminds me how mad I am.

  2. DesignerD said:

    I’m still dreaming… But I’m curious to see the Rock in it. He’ll probably just use it to bench press with!

  3. Alvin said:

    What’s the point of showcasing it if they’re not interested in production?

  4. goodshow_aa said:

    Just let it die, is this some pathetic attempt from the marketing department to see if there is demand for such a vehicle, when they already know there is? There is more demand than there is for the nissan juke. This is just insulting.

  5. SHC said:

    Please not another F&F !

  6. cesariojpn said:

    Share link to Jalopnik, they don’t even give me a nod for tipping them off. Bastards.

  7. dickie said:

    1. people expected Nissan to put the idx into production and were surprised and disappointed when it didn’t pan out. cmon guys, you’re exhibiting behavior typical of an abused spouse; you inexplicably hold out for the possibility things will change.

    2. getting trolled by FnF franchise. icing on the cake will be when they destroy it during filming. at least then it won’t be an eyesore and a continual reminder of Nissan’s betrayal of their enthusiast market.

    3. cesario expected a gawker affiliate to do the bare minimum in terms of effort to recognize and respect their sources.

    @cesariojpn jalopnik is probably going to die soon anyway due to the whole Hulk Hogan lawsuit(s). find a better aggregator (better yet, somewhere that posts original content) for your car blog browsing needs! don’t feel bad and don’t waste your submissions there anymore.

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