New Items in JNC Shop: Sticker, T-Shirt

When we first started, all we had to our name was this measly website. We were, a bunch of ones and zeros floating around on the hard drive of some distant server. The first sticker we made reflected that sad fact, but now that we’re a magazine too, we thought we’d replace the “.com” part of the logo with something as equally evocative of nostalgics as the existing four-spoke wheel and elderly driver’s mark – a fender mirror. The logo looks a bit different in other respects to, but that’s because it’s been touched by the hand of Van.

We’re down to the last few “.com” stickers so we’re putting the redesigned logo on new stickers and T-shirts, which are available in the Shop section. One complaint about the old one old sticker was that it took up too much real estate, so we’ve made the new one a bit smaller (which also saves you .0000000001 ounces in dead weight :P). Thanks for your continued support. We love you guys!

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6 Responses to New Items in JNC Shop: Sticker, T-Shirt

  1. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) said:

    SWEET! I’ll be picking up both soon!

  2. Timbo B1500boy said:

    Oh Yeah, just ordered a T-shirt for me and the wife and some new stickers as well!

  3. Ben said:

    Excellent. Thanks, Timbo!

  4. slickwrick said:

    i guess its time for a new sticker and some new threads…

  5. Kimico said:

    Great idea. I will be ordering both soon. Keep up the good workk guys.

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