New Car Smell: Subaru Odor Cannon

subarusmell.jpgYou know the drill. You find your dream nostalgic but the ad says “Ran when parked” and it’s been sitting in a yard somewhere for the last 10 years. You bring your new baby home only to discover that its funkifying your whole garage with the combined smell of sun-baked mildewy vinyl, rotting leaves, and possibly an animal habitat or two. And while all your passengers can agree that they don’t want to smell a peat bog, what if not everyone is a fan of “Fresh Pine”?

What you need is the SpotScents, a cannon that periodically shoots personalized smells in the cabin of your car. Developed by Subaru and unveiled over the weekend at the Japanese trade show Ceatac, SpotScents blasts two streams that converge at the head of one passenger to give him or her the aroma of their choice. Theoretically, the odor will remain in the general vicinity of one’s head, allowing other passengers to have their own personalized smell. Magnifique!

[Source: CNET Crave]

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