I Feel the Need: Need For Speed SHIFT

One of the oldest and most well loved series of racing games is Need for Speed.  And like all the latest generation driving games, the next NFS game, Need for Speed SHIFT, promises even more amazing graphics and immersive gameplay.  NFS piqued our interest recently when it released news of the KPGC10’s inclusion in the next game. I think maybe the taillight placement isn’t quite right but who’s complaining?

Watch the trailer after the jump and salivate at the opportunity to drive a hakosuka in a properly immersive driving sim (and crash it without having to worry about where the parts are going to come from).

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6 Responses to I Feel the Need: Need For Speed SHIFT

  1. Nigel said:

    The sense of speed is very good in the preview. I have a PS2 so if i need to drive S12’s, R30′ s or first gen RX7 I play Tokyo Extreme Racer Drift 2.

  2. banpei said:

    They still have time to fix that taillight fitment: it is only going to be released fall 2009. 😉
    BTW: note that it is also featuring the correct black steel rims. 🙂

  3. I think Shift is supposed to be the SIM heavy version of the game. Less arcade than previous games.

  4. BlownArrow! said:

    ^^^^that would be nice ^^^^

  5. GEN2TWINCAM said:


    If the promo actually showed some decent driving instead of irritating collisions…

  6. Neil said:

    Unfortunatly all our youth is interested in these days is irritating collisions

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