Mr. K Is Our Co-Pilot

mrk.jpgFrom now on, whenever we are lost, feeling depressed, or simply in need of a spiritual supercharge, we can turn to Mr. K. Or at least a plastic facsimile of him with a spring-loaded head. You may know Yutaka Katayama as the former president of Nissan USA, the man who put Nissan on the American map, and the guy responsible for both the Datsun 240Z and 510, but now he also comes in handy desktop tchochke form. After watching that barbaric Anglo Saxon/Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson decapitate one of these bobbleheads, we knew we had to have one that was, uh, capitated. To give you an idea of the scale of this miniature Mr. K, he’s standing next to a 1/24 scale Muscle Machines hakosuka. You can order your own at Courtesy Parts. Now we need one of Soichiro Honda.

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