There’s an elephant in the room and it’s a Toyota 2000GT

Pat Goss, the Bob Ross of car repair, has been a staple of Maryland Public Television forever. Their names even kind of sound the same. In a recent episode, Goss is showing off a new parts cleaner while a Toyota 2000GT is just casually parked in the background. Amusingly, Goss and his guest, a rep from the parts cleaner company, don’t even acknowledge that the million-dollar king daddy of Japanese classics is cold chillin’ behind them.

During the four-minute segment, Goss and his guest go on and on about the features of the green plastic tub on his workbench. We kept waiting for mention of the 2000GT but there was nothing, not even an obligatory, “Did you know it was in a James Bond movie?” How do you have such a rare — only 351 produced, 4o-something for the US market — car on your set and not mention it at all? It’s kind of hilarious, really. But the parts cleaner does look pretty nifty.

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6 Responses to There’s an elephant in the room and it’s a Toyota 2000GT

  1. DH said:

    It’s a left-hander, too!

  2. Speckled Jim said:

    The whole background looks green-screened. Consider CGI for the car — amazing what freeware is capable of now.

  3. Patrick Goss: Stalked silently by 2000GT.

    Patrick Strong: Continually tripping over 2000GTs in the wild.


  4. Bob said:

    Motorweek was like a dietary staple of mine for decades. Even now, when I see a JNC right here, and I’m interested to know what original reviews were like, the first place I turn to is YouTube and Motorweek Retro.

  5. Robert Disner said:

    They’d have a problem with that bright green tub if this was a green screen set!

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