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s2000 type-s Automakers often resurrect famous model names from their past to inject some excitement into their lineups. Sadly, this often has the unintended effect of diluting the legacy of the original and spotlighting how glaringly unlike its namesake the current car is. A Dodge Charger with four doors? A Chevy Malibu with, um, anything? In Japan, sometimes they kill off a model name just for the heck of it. Toyota Corona to Toyota… Premio? Allion?

Fortunately, the Honda S2000 suffers from none of that. Like the S500, S600 and S800 before it, the S2000 is a taut, agile sports car. Both are open-top two-seaters and both power the rear wheels for motion. They even have the same sky-high redline, even though the two were separated by a span of 30 years.

Earlier this year, the Honda S2000 CR (for Club Racer) debuted at the New York Auto Show. With only 2000 units to be produced, it was supposed to be a North American exclusive, at least according to the reps at the show. But it has come to our attention that Honda will be debuting a suspiciously similar-looking S2000 Type-S in Japan soon. Absolutely no details exist at this point except for this photo. It’s said that this limited edition will be the final sayonara for the long-toothed roadster, and so far no news of a replacement has surfaced. Hopefully it won’t take another 30 years.

[Source: Honda]

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2 Responses to More S in S2000

  1. Van said:

    Well the S2000 CR wasn’t an especially compelling package over the standard model (other than for those folks who like to have anything that says “limited edition”), so hopefully this Type-S won’t fall into the same category!

  2. Paul said:

    Actually, the CR is a functional package designed for track enthusiasts. Although no engine mods were made, the chassis was stiffened and the various aero bits, while garish, provide real downforce.

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