More J-Nostalgic Wheel Frenzy

Hot on the heels of Slappy’s Wall of Wheels Wallpaper we came across these vids of cool J-Nostalgic wheels from Youtube user Zeppann13J.  More video after the jump!
This second video is actually better, but we left it to last because we have to put a bit of a not-work-safe warning on the song lyrics. So turn the volume down if you’re at work!

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6 Responses to More J-Nostalgic Wheel Frenzy

  1. Ben said:

    Those ultra deep barrels in the 2nd vid are so bad ass they reached out of the screen and slapped me. I bet if you shout into ’em you can hear an echo.

  2. banpei said:

    Great to see you found those cool vids as well! 🙂

  3. colink said:

    seen these two before well worth a view

  4. Kev said:

    My personal rule of thumb is that if you can stick your whole head into the front of the wheel then yes, it has enough dish.

    • Ben said:

      Someone needs to put their infant in one just for the photo op. I will marry the first woman to do this.

      That NSFW song is a catchy tune, btw. Anyone know the name of it?

  5. Kev said:

    I’ll see what I can do Ben 😀

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