More from Odaiba Car Show

Here’s another photo from the weekend’s Odaiba car show sent to us by Mooneyes. There seems to be something car-related going on all the time there. This Celica may seem as painful as the itasha cars to some, but it’s inspired by the silhouette racers of the late 70s and early 80s.

More pics after the jump.

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6 Responses to More from Odaiba Car Show

  1. burabuda said:

    gosh that looks weird without the b pillar vents

  2. zulu said:

    holy crpa that is a great replica car. just need the racing jacket for the head lights and it would be perfect!

  3. banpei said:

    That car is about 5% away from Bosozoku style. 😉
    I love it!! 😀

  4. Nigel said:

    All it needs is the tall wing and its a works car.

  5. uselessbug said:

    damn. the only way to make 10 and 12 inch (or more) wide MKIIIs look like a fitment fail. happens all the time on these widebody racers. if only they made the widebody like 2 inches less wide.

    and hell, wheres the box wing?!

  6. colink said:

    That looks gorgeous

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