Mooneyes Japan Blog (and it’s in English too!)


There are plenty of blogs in Japan about the classic car scene, but almost all are in Japanese only. Still, it’s fun to look at the pretty picture so they’re still worth seeking out.

An exception is Shige Suganuma’s blog, which is in both Japanese and English. Shige started Mooneyes Japan in 1986 as an offshoot of the original Mooneyes company in SoCal, USA. Dean Moon started the Mooneyes company in the 60s in to cater to the Southern California hot rod scene, and Mooneyes Japan continues the tradition in Yokohama, selling retro goods to JDM hot rodders and old school enthusiasts. Mooneyes is especially active in the JDM Old School scene, even going as far as offering parts and tasty hot up gear for your 1960 Toyota Crowns.

A lot of his blog is dedicated to his travels to hot rod events outside of Japan, but he does cover the JDM events too. Check it out.

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