Michael Jackson's Message is Suzuki Love

We’re a little late here, but it occurred to us that Michael Jackson did a bunch of Japanese ads for the Suzuki Love back in the day. We always thought they were a little cheesy in that 80s Japanese commercial way, but now that he’s gone it’s impossible not to feel slightly bittersweet when watching them.

The Suzuki Love was a one-cylinder 50cc scooter that debuted in 1982. The two-stroke engine put out all of 3.5hp, but how could you not want one if the King of Pop parks it on his balcony while dancing with his morning coffee?

As with all Japanese car commercials there’s a line at the end called the catch copy, which may or may not have anything to do with the product in question. In this case, it’s “Love is my message,” delivered by the Gloved One with a requisite blink and his winning smile.

And in true Japanese fashion, where commercials are practically considered a form high art, here’s a making-of video. Now excuse us while we crank up “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” on full blast.

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4 Responses to Michael Jackson's Message is Suzuki Love

  1. Jeremy Reeves said:

    That’s less of a wink, more of a blink. Just sayin’…

  2. vballin said:

    RIP MJ….

  3. Sal Viorato said:

    Mj had love for the J-tin. I am a big fan of MJ before this and I cant help but to respect the man even more now. I wish i had his moves too.

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