Mazda Releases 40th Anniv RX-8 for the US

A couple of weeks ago, Mazda released a special edition RX-8 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the rotary engine. The only hitch was, the car had to be purchased in Japan. Well, now we Americans can get our hands on our very own 40th Anniversary RX-8 stateside. So there, Japan!

Shown at the Monterey Historics, our very own special RX-8 will come dressed in an exclusive Metropolitan Gray exterior, matched with Cosmo Red on its insides. Gunmetal finish wheels, a new engine cover, shift knob, and requisite fender badge further differentiate it from the standard RX-8. Performance-wise, urethane was injected into the rear suspension, front crossmember and rocker panels, working with Bilstein dampers to stiffen up the chassis. In other words, the same Japanese package except for the color of its duds.

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