Mazda Cosmo Sports Rust Away in Japan

What is this, Ultraman‘s collection of parts cars?

[Komin’s Photo Blog via Banpei via Gred. Hat tip to Goki.]

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17 Responses to Mazda Cosmo Sports Rust Away in Japan

  1. Camshaft said:

    I just died a little inside, but at the same time, I’m morbidly intrigued.

  2. gred said:

    lawl,i hat tip it to banpei,and now its here too xD…but yea,its pretty sad pic…

  3. Patrick McLean said:

    Ooooh, same here. It’s now my sad desktop wallpaper to stare at with a dull stare.

  4. Derek said:

    my dream car abandoned in a field, completely derelict.. (._.

  5. Tyler said:

    I gasped out loud. This is heartbreaking.

  6. banpei said:

    Actually the picture was also sent to me by Gred and I felt I just had to post it.
    BTW: Can you add him to the via as well? 🙂

  7. E-AT_me said:

    someone call mazda!!! that’s such a shame. i wish i could be there in person.. lovin the SSR’s on the red one..

  8. bert said:

    NOT COOL!!

  9. Johnny A. said:

    well this person is obviously a Mazda fan, thus I wonder what else is on the property…

  10. Victor said:

    This is so sad =*(…. I wonder who owns them though.

  11. Jim-Bob said:

    A sad fate for such cool cars. I have never even seen one of these in person, let alone this many. I wonder what their story is and how they wound up perched on a hill side like that? Between them all surely there are enough parts to build at least one working example.

  12. nlpnt said:

    How do you say “They’re not for sale! I’m gonna resote ’em all someday, now get off my property!” in Japanese?

  13. Nigel said:

    Upsetting in a way that is not easily described…

  14. Kuroneko said:

    Well, I guess there goes my next haikyo exploration on Yahoo Map! Trawling the quarries around Karuizawa for a way in… Wish me luck. Thanks!

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