Massive Z-Car Drag Race

zcars.jpgSorry about the lack of updates. Our computer suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure that we’ll be slowly recovering from. In the meantime, enjoy this video, in which Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson lines up almost every iteration of a Z-car ever made in one big drag race. The winner, not surprisingly, is a 1990 300ZX twin-turbo, which Clarkson calls an 80s car. Perhaps he was just phoning it in, since the rest of the show looks like the detritus that ended up Top Gear’s editing floor, but it’s entertaining nonetheless. The Z-cars are at 4:13. Thanks to Madflava for the tip!

UPDATE: The operatives at MI6 have taken down the videos to defend the honor of the Queen and the BBC. Luckily, tipster J found this link to the video on YouTube.

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