Massive Lot of Toyota Parts on eBay

One of our readers needs to get this, right now, and share the wealth. It’s a huge collection of NOS (new old stock) 1960s to early 80s Toyota parts from a closed dealership. The seller says it consists of a little bit of everything for old Corollas, Crowns, Land Cruisers, Starlets, Coronas, Carinas, Hiluxes and Cressidas. The actual mountain of parts includes taillights, headlights, exhausts, service manuals, relays, switches, trim, and sheetmetal. In other words, all the hard to get stuff. For anyone who has ever tried to restore an old car, you know this is a once in a lifetime chance. We already know we’ll be kicking ourselves in the future for passing on this opportunity. Someone buy this, please!

[Source: eBay]

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22 Responses to Massive Lot of Toyota Parts on eBay

  1. leongsoon said:

    Must be the equivalent of the candy house for autophiles.

  2. SrFairladyZ said:

    That is just really nice to see. The buyer will be one busy little ebay seller.

  3. ozzy said:

    good work guys. im an owner of ke70 -with 5k , 5 speed GB. Im looking for this particular model parts.any parts.

  4. driftonedge said:

    someone on here brought that>?

  5. Ben said:

    I think an intrepid JNCer tried to bid, but didn’t win.

  6. william said:

    I need parts for the right side suspension on my 1982 toyota tercel

  7. David Lebron said:

    Looking for the left rubber end and rear rubber stops for the rear bumper to a 1976 Corolla 4 door

  8. Nataly said:

    Looking for the chrome door mirrors

  9. ingar skogstad said:

    hi do you have left and right front brake caliper to my 1972 Toyota Crown 2600 (MS65)

  10. k said:

    I need part# 67750-06010-eo 1995 camry wagon interior trim for bottom of rear hatch got one?

  11. Need a radiator for an auto 1988 Hiace, off a 4y motor, YH63 with oil cooling pipes at from bottom for transmission, willing to pay top dollar.

  12. souissi said:


  13. John said:

    Hi, do you have any 1st generation toyota hiace parts.?

    many thanks


  14. francois said:

    Hi,looking for steering components for my 1971 crown rs 50.If yoy got some, let me know
    basicly i need al the rods en the two arms(pitman, idling)


  15. Carlos said:

    Hey all, I’m in need of a 1976 celica fuel sending unit. If anyone has or can get would be very appreciated.

  16. SpeedRacer said:

    Looking for the following 87 Celica coupe parts:
    75672-20030 left, quarter panel belt moulding
    62906-20080 left, louver
    63905-20080 right, louver

  17. kim park said:

    would like windscreen front, for ke10 corolla

  18. BJB AUTO LLC said:

    Looking for a few parts for a 1986 Toyota Pickup DLX 2.4 22R (Carb):

    Heater Core

  19. Terry said:

    Need a cold start timer sensor for 85 toy truck 4 cy also a condenser for ac

  20. Elijah said:

    1979 Corolla SR5,Need chrome exterior over door trim
    Gauge/Radio panel cover,or complete dashboard

  21. Tyler said:

    Looking for 23206-16060 for a 1985 toyota celica gt

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