Lazy weekend at grandJDM

C110 Stubby

No major update today, other than this badass little photochop of a C110 squashed into a chibi version of itself!  We’re guessing they simply cut out the wheels and anything else they wanted to keep the same size, then squashed the body and put the wheels back in place.  Very cool, very clever!  The larger version can be seen by clicking the “Continue” link.


In other news, has anyone else seen the new Transformers movie yet?  It wasn’t what I was hoping to see, but that said, I was still quite pleased.  It’s like one of those “Well, it’s not the million dollars I was hoping you’d give me, but this $800,000 and a big house will do just fine!” situations.  Alright, so those situations probably don’t happen often, but you get my drift.

I was quite annoyed there were no Japanese cars!  The original Transformers included a 280ZX amongst the Autobot team, so I was hoping for a Z33 in this instalment.  Ah well, such is life.  They obviously had a deal with GM – hence the Chevs, Pontiacs, and GMC trucks – so there’s not much can be done about that.

Have a good weekend y’all!

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2 Responses to Lazy weekend at grandJDM

  1. Lachy said:

    Two things man!!

    1 – No major update? Speak for yourself!
    2 – You don’t need to guess what I did just ask! There are a lot more changes than you might initially see 🙂 The key to “chibi” cars is making people not notice what you changed!

    The Z33 would have transformed into a googley-eyed fat woman if it were in the movie. Guess there was no role cast for that kinda character!!! haha

  2. Van said:

    Ahaha, I didn’t realise you were the one who did it! I thought you just grabbed it from somewhere, haha.

    Re. the Z33, nah that’s not so true, because the robot versions of all of them looked completely different to their car forms. None of them really had anything tying them to their car forms, other than colour schemes and a wheel here or there, haha.

    Maybe I should have made the title for this post “Van’s lazy weekend at grandJDM” 😉

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