Kyuusha Dealership Found Outside of Japan: We’ve seen plenty of nostalgic car dealerships in Japan, but this is the first one we’ve heard of on the outside. Sadly for us ‘Murrikins, it’s still on the other side of the ocean — Christchurch, New Zealand to be specific. But it’s a start! Check out the post on Retro-Classics.

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  1. 80cedric said:

    WOW..! The Nissan President and the Toyota Century.. Awesome..! I want one .. either one.

  2. kyteler said:

    It’s cool, right? Don’t you just love how the sign lists DATSUN in between Mercedes, Alfa Romeo and Audi. …and despite the presence of at least 3 Toymotas, they don’t get a logo look-in at all!

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