Krazy Kiwis and Their Rotaries

Speedhunters has some great coverage of the “V” 4 and Rotary Nationals down in New Zealand. Peep the blower on this RX-4. It could swallow a pair of low-flying geese! All it needs is switch activation supercharging and it’ll be ready to chase down those post-apocalyptic biker gangs in no time. Check their posts here and here.

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5 Responses to Krazy Kiwis and Their Rotaries

  1. Nigel said:

    Remember the “Night rider”.

  2. kingtoy said:

    We know who you are bronze.

  3. solidstripe said:

    That’s “V” 4 and rotary nationals too. “V” being a energy drink that sponsers the event, not to be confused with v8’s or anything.

  4. solidstripe said:

    “Modgies and eagers style…” Hahahaha!!

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