Koich’s F20C-powered TA22


I mentioned Koich’s F20C-powered TA22 (an engine normally found humming away inside the Honda S2000) way back here, but today I came across his Flickr gallery for the car. It nicely chronicles in a massive set of photos the path the car has taken from ordinary everyday oldschool Celica, to the unique and crazy balls out machine that it became. Foamin’ at the mouth.

Check it out.  You can also load up his blog here.

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3 Responses to Koich’s F20C-powered TA22

  1. koich said:

    Hey, this is me. It’s so weird to find my car on other sites. Thanks for the mention!

  2. ZOITS said:


    That is off its chops.

    i have a 74 ta22 and i was just wondering what is ur wheel and tyre combo made up of and roughly how much did it set ya back??

    any rough help would be awesome thanx

  3. koich said:

    Hi there. Just noticed this question.

    The rims are Konig Rewinds, 15×7, 0 offset. An off the shelf product. Hope this helps.

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