Kidney, Anyone? TRD SCCA GT5 Toyota Starlet 1 of 8

According to the seller, In 1983 Toyota Racing Development in Torrance, California built eight Toyota Starlets to compete in the SCCA GT5 National Championship races. This one is apparently the only one with a plaque bearing the names of the TRD team that built it, including Motoi Kodaira, who would go on to become General Manager of Toyota Technocraft in Japan. It was campaigned in 1983-84 by TRD driver Tom Yoshida and is the “last remaining” one of the eight. It’s a full-on race car sporting a laundry list of racing mods, Weds Ultralights, and  a $13,500 asking price. Interested? Contact Bring A Trailer.

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3 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? TRD SCCA GT5 Toyota Starlet 1 of 8

  1. Nigel said:

    That machine (the Starlet) is an autocross winner right off the trailer !!
    I bet there is another in a garage somewhere hiding.

  2. E-AT_me said:

    it’s so cool, and best of all, it’s so close to me! haha

  3. Tyler said:

    So I could get a new automagic Yaris or a badass GT5 Starlet full-out race car. Which is the better deal?

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