Kidney, Anyone? Mint 1979 Honda Civic

This 1979 Honda Civic doesn’t quite have the low mileage as the 1427-mile Mazda RX-4 from last week, but it’s close. Besides, who’s going to complain about a 33,000-mile car that’s 30 years old, especially one in this condition? Our vintage Honda friend Ken Weidner says that it’s been years since he’s seen in-tact houndstooth upholstery.

This looks to be a dealer showroom display, and with an asking price between the highest bid of $4550 and the BuyItNow $6250, we think it’s a pretty good buy for a collector. Dan is our resident classic Honda nut, and I had to personally stop him from selling all his worldly possessions and rushing out to Arizona. The reserve hasn’t been met yet, so it’s still in Phoenix waiting for a good home.

More pics after the jump.


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4 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? Mint 1979 Honda Civic

  1. Dan said:

    oh man this thing is SO clean…i’m looking to see what i can sell at this point…

  2. coupeZ600 said:

    The Auction ended at 10:00 Sat. nite. Doohhh! I live just up the hill from Phoenix, (in Flagstaff) and was all fired up to go down and take a look at it. We drive right past Showcase Honda on the way to my wife’s Mom’s house, so next time I go by, I’ll swing in and see if it’s still there. and how much they want for it.

  3. coupeZ600 said:

    Aw Man! It’s got one of the rare wooden steering wheels, too.

  4. Ben said:

    It didn’t sell, so it should still still be there. I want to see this go to a good home. Do it, man!!

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