KIDNEY, ANYONE? 9,000-mile Toyota Cressida


This could be he most well-preserved Toyota Cressida in the United States. A first year for the beloved X70 chassis, this 1985 example for sale now in New York is said to have one owner, was always kept in a heated garage in Connecticut, and has only an unbelievable 9,026 miles on he odometer. 


Powered by Toyota’s 5M straight six, these sedans were a paragon of smoothness and civility. Of course, we just a slight suspension drop and a W58 5-speed swap these rear-wheel-drive sedans could be immensely fun in the bends as well (not that we recommend that with a car this clean).


Finished in a classic white with burgundy velour interior, it was the height of Japanese luxury when the Thundercats were still battling Mumm-Ra. Other highlights emblematic of the era include motorized seat belts, heated mirrors, bronze tinted glass, and an equalizer stereo with more buttons than the space shuttle. As has been said many times before, the Cressida is a pre-Lexus Lexus.


The car is currently being offered for sale on Craigslist New York for $6,500, which we think is a solid price considering its condition. While you might be able to find one for half this price if you just want a old school Japanese sled to mob around town in, those are typically well used. This one belongs in a museum.

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6 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? 9,000-mile Toyota Cressida

  1. jamal said:

    Unique sample. I wish he is closer(AZ)

  2. jamal said:

    He is asking 6.5K for it in CL but it will bring more in ebay(world wide).Somebody need to knok his door and grab it before flying to over seas…..

  3. JovaTech said:

    A White Cressida and like new shut up and take my money

  4. Feniars said:

    love at first sight

  5. Nigel said:

    Just needs a set of Watanabes…

  6. MikeRL411 said:

    I looked at one of these many years ago. It had the computer performance minitoring option. My wife called it a Baby Buick.

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