Kidney, Anyone? 22,800-mile Celica Liftback

We thought we’d seen all the clean California Celicas at JCCS and Toyotafest, but here’s an amazing 1977 Liftback that only has 22,800 miles on the clock. Apparently it came from a Texas dealership showroom last year and, according to the seller, still smells like a new car. That’s 1977 molecules wafting into your nostrils, folks! The only downside is the automatic transmission, but you probably wouldn’t really drive it anyway, right? More pics after the jump.

[eBay via Classic Toyota Town]

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5 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? 22,800-mile Celica Liftback

  1. Kimico said:

    Wow! That is a clean Celica.

  2. Kind reminds me a of a friend who buys unopened records that are really rare. He pays top dollar then opens them. I just have to laugh at him. Maybe I should point him to this Celica, since he always wanted the liftback I think they are RA28 yes?

  3. kingtoy said:

    WOW, so beautiful

  4. Caleb said:

    @ vintage JDM

    The reason you buy unopened records is to hopefully obtain optimal quality. Buying used vinyl is a pain – even if the record has been taken care of real well. You buy the records to then open them up and listen to them!

    That is a wonderful Celica.

  5. Jim said:

    I’m drooling right now, and I can’t believe my eyes. This car is well worth $20,000 plus, despite the auto trans

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