Kidney, Anyone? 1979 TE51 Toyota Corolla SR5 Sport Coupe

This 1979 Toyota Corolla SR5 Sport Coupe popped up on eBay over the weekend with a $4,250 asking price and several days left on the auction clock. Then, faster you can say “Kidney, Anyone?” it was gone. 

The auction was likely ended early because someone in Internet-land glommed on to what is one of the cleanest TE51s we’ve ever seen. The lucky new owner likely worked  something out with the seller in return for not having to compete with other bidders. Either that, or the seller got cold feet.

The Sport Coupe was Toyota’s term for the body style that would become the AE86 two generations hence.  In Japan a TE51 would have been equipped with a twin-cam 2T-G and a Levin badge, but here in emissions-strict America it bore a 2T-C and SR5 emblem.

Despite that designation many US-spec examples were actually equipped with automatics, so this already rare bird is made even rarer with an original T50 5-speed transmission.

Those who know me also know that my love for rare Toyotas is equalled only by my love for green cars. The auction had me scrambling through my storage shed for things I could unload for cold hard cash, but clearly it was not meant to be. Hopefully the car will go to a good home and perhaps the new owner will pop up here on JNC.

What follows is probably the largest gallery we’ve ever had, but it proves just how clean this car is.


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41 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? 1979 TE51 Toyota Corolla SR5 Sport Coupe

  1. Nigel said:

    Amazing, this one I would keep bone stock.

  2. L.A.M said:

    I was looking at this tooooooo! haha it had 10 bids when i checked it out

  3. Tyler said:

    That is simply gorgeous. The color scheme is very close to my Rabbit’s and it looks absolutely lovely. If I were a millionaire it would be in my garage.

  4. Killua said:

    TE51 Corollas are awesome, I especially love how agressive the headlights look on the front end.

    That, and also those 4-spoke wheels.

  5. ManuelMTZ said:

    I had a 79 SR5 Liftback with a 5 speed that looked similar to this one. Mine was silver and not as clean. I traded a Mongoose mountain bike for it in ’04. Had it for 5 years. Man, I miss that car.

    • yoda said:

      I was surprised to see the trunk on this one – I’d forgotten about the Sport Coupe, it seems the Liftback was much more popular.

  6. that was a piece of art that 1979 corolla sr5 sport coupe,
    im looking for 1979 sr5 coupe if anyone out there has one wants to sell
    sen me a email

  7. me said:

    worked at a toyota dealer 1977-80 saw maybe 3 new one s 1977-79 we sold more liftbacks and sedans the 3kc was not avl. in califorina , seats have been redone . still a rare car wish id had bought a stock pile of new parts. grilles , emblems , turn sig lens etc to restore one

  8. gilbert said:

    i have one. it is not in the best shape though

  9. dameon said:

    I have a 1978 Toyota corolla sports coupe sr5 I’m trying to sell its white with blue interior all everything that has to do with the car is original. Only has 118,000 miles

  10. jason said:

    I think I can do nearly as good. I have a JDM, RHD ’78 with the 2TGEU, LSD, 5 speed with only 18,000 miles on it. Mine is midnight blue but same exact body style Everything is perfect and bone stock. Bought it in japan 5 years ago and it has been driven 300 miles since.

  11. Erik said:

    Mines a 79. Found in in somebodys backyard here in Central Texas.

  12. FELIPE SANCHEZ said:


  13. Deborah said:

    Please send me email.?

  14. Deborah said:

    Please send email.

  15. Andrew said:

    I own a ’75 SR5 TE37, for sale for the right price!

  16. Give me a call i have one for sale. 5 Speed. White blue interior.

  17. sean said:

    did my post show up?
    I have 3 te51 sports coupes!
    May consider sale !!

  18. Peg Baldwin said:

    Hi, I did not buy this car from the eBay ad referenced, but I bought it from the guy who did.

    I have kept it bone stock, and it is in my garage in a small town in Rural Saskatchewan, Canada.

    I don’t drive it, but do start it on occasion,

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