Kidney, Anyone? 1973 Nissan Laurel HC130

If the recent MS55 Toyota Crown is a bit too stock for your tastes, how about a mild-bosozoku Nissan Laurel SGL? It’s easy to get hypnotized by the butaketsu Laurel‘s shapely rear but the HC130 sedan can look just as dope, especially when modified in proper lowdown style. This SGL’s stock 2.0L straight six has been mated to a 5MT and boasts only 38,335km (just under 24,000 miles). It’s swathed in 70s green inside and out, complemented by bright red 14×7 Star Sharks. The price on Yahoo Japan Auctions is currently at Â¥1,480,000 (or $17,625 American). More photos below the fold.

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10 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? 1973 Nissan Laurel HC130

  1. Nigel said:

    No kidneys left, only fingers !!
    Need only nine a few to drive it.

  2. Nigel said:

    Corecshun – Need only nine fingers to drive it.

  3. bert said:

    Nigel- As long as you can curl your hand around the steering wheel and shifter, you should be good!

  4. Eric said:

    Love it! Color combo works great for this time of year, just needs a wreath up front 😉

  5. Tyler said:

    Jesus. Yet another perfect JNC. <3 green!

  6. Ben said:

    Nigel: Plus you get yakuza points !

  7. J.Ramirez said:

    That’s a nice one! Do wantz it!

  8. Kevin Lee said:

    this looks like a ww2 zero fighter color scheme 😀 lol

  9. Leegamer said:

    Need high-res pics….that ass-end is spectacular.

  10. Chris said:

    Need to get moved house so I can get mine back on the road ❤️

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